Is Jasmine Opperman A Man Or Woman? TransGender Wikipedia Bio

Is Jasmine Opperman A Man Or Woman? Gender Revealed

Is Jasmine Opperman A Man Or Woman? Gender Revealed

Is Jasmine Opperman A Man Or Woman? Fans are often wondering about the gender of the Security expert and analyst. Get to know the details here.

Jasmine Opperman is a specialist on terrorism and extremism with over decades of experience in the related field. She is the Africa Analyst who is currently involved with The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED).

ACLED is a non-governmental organization specializing in disaggregated conflict data collection, analysis, and crisis mapping. She is serving on the position on a contract basis.

Is Jasmine Opperman A Man Or Woman?

Jasmine Opperman is a woman. 

There is no doubt that she is a female by gender.

However, there is no evidence that Jasmine Opperman is transgender.

Indeed, she does not feel bashful in giving her opinion on transgender rights.

Meanwhile, Jasmine often raises voices against gender-related issues. She has shared numerous posts related to women empowerment in the war-effected country so far.

Jasmine Opperman Wikipedia Bio

Jasmine is now unavailable on the Wikipedia page.

Meanwhile, her career and mini-biography details can be found on numerous wiki sources. She has a Linkedin account where her work experiences are available.

Opperman is South African by nationality and perhaps of mixed ethnicity. She earned a master’s degree in history from the University of Johannesburg in 1988.

She has worked for more than a decade on business risk, opportunity, and political information on the African continent. She now works on analyzing Libyan militia activity as well as jihadist activity in Syria. 

Is Jasmine Married?

Jasmine Opperman does not seem to be a married woman.

She has not shared the details of her married life or husband on her social media. 

Opperman is an active Twitter user with more than 18k followers on her Twitter account as of April 2021. There, she only shares her career-related posts so far.

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