Is Jessica Watkins Oath Keepers Transgender? Everything On Wikipedia Bio and Age

Oath Keepers: Is Jessica Watkins Transgender? Everything On Wikipedia Bio and Age

Oath Keepers: Is Jessica Watkins Transgender? Everything On Wikipedia Bio and Age

Is Jessica Watkins from Oath Keepers transgender? Oath Keepers leader, Jessica Watkins, has always been asked about her gender, but no official reports have suggested that she is transgender. So, it’s still a question that everyone has in their mind. 

According to Buzz Feed News, Jessica is an army veteran and currently one of the Oath Keepers’ militia members. Her recent involvement clearly says that she is very interested in politics and hugely supports the ex-president Donald Trump

Is Jessica Watkins Oath Keepers Transgender?

Since no official reports support the statement, we can confirm that Jessica Watkins is not transgender. However, the trans hoax has been spread worldwide; in fact, Lipstickalley has clearly mentioned that she is transgender, but it’s totally a personal opinion. 

In the recent US Captial Riots, Jessica was among the many who were taken into custody. According to reports from Dailymail, she has been charged with several counts for a conspiracy to hurt an officer and the violent entry into the Whitehouse. 

Jessica Watkins Bio and Age

Well, Jessica Watkins’s bio is nowhere to be found, but there are a lot of news sites that have been talking about her. She rose into the limelight when it was revealed that she had received Donald Trump‘s orders. 

At the age of 38 years, she calls herself the commanding officer of Oath Keepers. She is originally from Champaign County, Ohio, and was involved in stopping Joe Biden‘s presidency on January 6, 2021. 

Her Wikipedia; Everything On Watkins

Jessica Watkins is not actually a famous personality, and she only came into the headlines after her involvement in the US Capital Riots. So, it’s obvious that we can’t find her information on Wikipedia at the moment.

In fact, we do not know much about her, and the only professional detail about her is that she is a military veteran. Now considered a political activist, the prosecutors involved in the US Capital Riots revealed that she was devoted to obstructing violence. 

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