Is Joe Exotic Gay? Everything On Husband Dillon Passage

Tiger King: Is Joe Exotic Gay? Everything On Husband Dillon Passage

Tiger King: Is Joe Exotic Gay? Everything On Husband Dillon Passage

Did you guys know that Tiger King: Joe Exotic is gay? Well, Joe exotic is gay but whether or not you knew that already, we are here to give you more facts on Joe Exotic, his relationship, and about his husband Dillon Passage.

Joe Exotic is the star of the latest hit documentary series on Netflix, “Tiger King” which was released on March 20, 2020. It is a true-crime American docuseries and its story revolves around the life of the zoo life keeper and Tiger breeder, Joe Exotic and his dispute with the animal activist Carole Baskin.

If you have not watched this Netflix miniseries yet, then I recommend you watch its trailer first and you will know why many people including celebrities have binge-watched it.

10 Facts on Tiger King: Joe Exotic And Husband Dillon Passage

  1. Joe Exotic is a 57-years-old Tiger breeder and owner of GW Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma who is serving his 22 years of jail time in prison now. He had a feud with the animal activist Caroline Baskin. He was later arrested on the charge of attempting to murder Carole by hiring a hit-man and for animal abuse.
  2. Joseph Allen Maldonado Passage a.k.a. Joe Exotic is openly gay. He has been married to four men to date. His first husband was Brian Rhyne who passed away in 2001.
  3. In 2003, Joe was married to John Finlay and Travis Michael Maldonado and had a three-way-marriage-ceremony. In less than a year, John Finlay got out of their marriage and went his own way while Travis and Joe were together until Travis died in 2017 when he accidentally shot himself.
  4. Joe married Dillon after a few months of Travis’s death. They met each other through a dating app and got married after dating each other for only two weeks.
  5. Dillon is just 22 years old, and he is still married to Joe even though Joe is in prison. They still talk to each other over the phone but currently, they are not in touch as Joe has been put into quarantine because of Coronavirus.
  6. Dillon did not even know about the documentary filming and whenever Joe and crew used to come with cameras, Joe would say that its nothing.
  7. Dillon is active on Instagram and shares many posts about his life. But he never posts anything about Joe.
  8. The Instagram name of Dillon passage is “@dillert_lclm“
  9. According to him, he does not want to leave Joe in his dark times and does not want to move on even though Joe doesn’t want to see him alone and waiting.
  10. Dillon wants the world to know that Joe is a really good guy and even though he made some sketchy decisions he would never mistreat or abuse animals. 

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