Is Joe Jenkins From Siesta Key Gay? His Age, Partner And Instagram

Who Is Joe Jenkins From Siesta Key? Details To Know About Him

Who Is Joe Jenkins From Siesta Key? Details To Know About Him

Is Joe Jenkins from Siesta Key Gay? Read this article to know about his Partner and Instagram. 

Jenkins is one of the stars of MTV’s Siesta Key. 

Some fans have assumed that Joe is gay. However, the MTV star explained that he is fluid with both genders.

Is Joe Jenkins From Siesta Key Gay?

No Joe Jenkins is not gay. 

Instead, he identifies himself as bisexual, which means he is attracted to women and men, depending on who excites him. 

During the episode, he took to Twitter to write, “People assume I’m gay because I flirt with guys – even though I’m still flirting with girls. I value the beauty in people… let me live.” 

One viewer wrote: “Wait, so Joe’s not gay? #SiestaKey.” While other fans commented by confirming that they believe he is bisexual.

He spoke about his sexuality to his co-stars Julliette and Serena. 

Furthermore, fans of Siesta Key were supportive of Joe’s sexuality, but some were still confused about whether he is gay or not.

What Is His Age?

Jenkins’ age is not revealed. 

Joe seems to fall in the age group of 26-30 years old. 

Who Is His Partner?

At the moment, Joe Jenkins has not said anything about his partner. 

His relationship status remains a mystery. 

Meet Him On His Instagram

The Siesta star is active on Instagram. 

He has successfully garnered 56.8k followers on his Instagram account.

So far, Joe has posted 737 posts, and Jenkins is highly active on his social media. 

How Much Is His Net Worth? 

Jenkins’ net worth figures have not been disclosed. 

Joe certainly makes a good fortune and lives a comfortable life. 

He makes his money through reality TV shows. 

Through his IG posts, Jenkins lives a lavish lifestyle, as he is seen going on exquisite vacation sites. 

Is He On Wikipedia? 

No, Joe Jenkins is not listed on Wikipedia. 

Similarly, Joe has not spoken of any information regarding his family and other personal information. 

It seems like he wants to keep his private information in secrecy and doesn’t want the public to know. 

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