Is Julia Sloane Married? Husband

Julia Sloane Age; 10 Facts To Know About

Julia Sloane Age; 10 Facts To Know About

Julia Sloane is a well-known face who is well known for appearing on the reality stars. She can also be known as a writer. Some of her works are Let’s Talk About Sex and The Real Housewives of Auckland.

Name Julia Sloane
Age 50/51 years
Gender Female
Nationality New Zealander
Ethnicity White
Profession Reality television actor, Writer
Salary $9800
Married/Single Married
Husband Michael Lorimer
Children Dunbar and Ella
Divorce Dunbar Sloane Sr. 
Education BA degree in Commerce and Economics
Instagram @juliasloanenz
Facebook @juliasloanenz

She came into the fame after appearing on the reality show The Real Housewives of Auckland. She was very famous when she was part of The Real Housewives of Auckland. She is a married woman and her husband’s name is Michael Lorimer who is her second husband.

She is also the mother of 2 children. Her children are Dunbar and Ella. She currently lives in New Zealand. Though not much about the reality star is known many of her fans connect with her via her social media account. There is no biography under the name Julia on Wikipedia.

10 Facts About Julia Sloane:

  1. Julia Sloane is a popular reality TV star who has been currently appearing in the famous television series called Real Housewives of Auckland.
  2. According to some of the reports, she is considered to be either 50 or 51 years of age.
  3. Unfortunately, there is no Wikipedia page under her name currently.
  4. Her bio can be read from popular websites only.
  5. Is Julia married already? The answer is yes as she got married to Michael Lorimer who is nearly 18 years older than her.
  6. Michael is not the only husband. She was previously married to Dunbar Sloane Sr. 
  7. Her salary from her current television series is approximately $9800 which is equal to 15k New Zealand dollars.
  8. She seems to be quite tall as she has remained a model in her life too. 
  9. This 50-years-old lady is also a writer.She also have her name on IMDb.
  10. She shares two children with her ex-husband Dunbar. They are Dunbar and Ella. 

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