Is Katherine Norland Eyes Real? Age, Husband and Wikipedia

Katherine Norland Eyes Has Raised Some Eyebrows: Are They Real?

Katherine Norland Eyes Has Raised Some Eyebrows: Are They Real?

The actress and filmmaker Katherine Norland’s different colored eyes are making fans wonder if they are real. Stay with the article to find out more.

Katherine Norland is an actress, filmmaker, poet, and coach known for her roles in Malcolm In The Middle, Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck, FREE to a Good Home, The Pendant, Memory Lane and many more.

Norland was nominated for the Best Actress Award at the 168 Hour Film Festival for her role in On The Fringe. Katherine featured in Cannibal Corpse Killers.

Is Katherine Norland Eyes Real? 

Katherine Norland’s eyes are real. Norland has a condition called Heterochromia, where a human or animal has different colored irises. According to her IMDb page, Norland’s right eye is light blue, whereas her left eye is light hazel

Katherine had a face full of acne, and she battled skin issues when she started her career. Katherine Norland’s hair is blonde, but she changes the shade now and then.

Katherine Norland’s Age And Wikipedia

Katherine Norland’s current age is 47 years. Norland was born and raised in Saint Peter, Minnesota, USA. Katherine began her acting career in 1998 in Minnesota. Norland moved to Los Angles in the year 2000 for her acting career.

Katherine Norland does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated to her. One can read Katherine’s bio and career details on a couple of Wiki-bio pages as well as her IMDb profile. Norland is active on Instagram under the username katherineorland. She has more than 33.8k followers and 1.3k posts on the platform.

Norland’s Husband And Family

Katherine Norland’s husband is Robert Norland. Robert works as a DOP (Director of Photography). Katherine and Robert share two children. Their 12-year old son has special needs and they have another son who is two years old.

Norland has worked many jobs throughout her life. At present, Katherine is focusing on her being a mother. Katherine lives in Los Angeles with her family. Katherine is active on Facebook as well as Twitter. 

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