Is Kite From Japan Sinks 2020 Trans? Anime Characters

Is Kite From Japan Sinks 2020 Trans? Anime Characters – Haruo, Go, Ayumu and Mari.

Is Kite From Japan Sinks 2020 Trans? Anime Characters – Haruo, Go, Ayumu and Mari.

Japan Sinks 2020 is another new creation by the brilliant and talented Japanese animation creator, Masaaki Yuasa who has received many awards for his creation. He is famous for his freedom style. The best thing about the anime and movies created by the extremely talented Masaaki Yuasa is how the story and animation feel so real that it reaches the depth of our hearts.

And this new anime Japan Sinks:2020 is a really emotional and greatest miniseries to date which shows the story of the Mutoh family trying to escape from the wrath of the earthquakes as Japan is sinking to the depth of the world. 

Japan Sinks: 2020

Japan Sinks:2020 has been recently released on July 9 on Netflix and it has already captured so much attention worldwide.

This disaster novel based anime gives the thrill of an apocalypse scenario and during this pandemic situation, many people might relate to the idea of the end of the world. If you want to know more about this anime, then first watch its exciting trailer here.

There are many major characters in Japan Sinks 2020 including Ayumu, Go, Haruo, and Mari. But one of the characters, Kite is famous even within the anime storyline. Kite is an 18-year-old boy and a famous YouTuber. His YouTube channel has more than 7 million subscribers.

The youngest child of the family, Go is obsessed with this YouTuber Kite and there are lots of doubts by viewers about whether Kite is transgender. 

Here is a fair warning, there might be a spoiler in this article.

Is Kite from Japan Sinks: 2020 Trans?

Kite is a teenage boy. He has a charming appearance with short white hair and pale skin with green eyes. He wears a long-sleeved turtleneck black shirt and also black earrings.

He is a YouTuber with great fan following and his contents are aerial footage of his adventures in dangerous and unexplored places around the world taken from above his parachute. Before he meets the Mutoh Family, he was traveling in his paramotor while documenting the natural disaster happening in that situation.

Although the story never states that Kite is a transgender, we can find it out from a flashback that shows the childhood of Kite. In that flashback, Kite is shown as a long-haired child wearing a skirt and Kite removes the skirt to show the pants. This obviously is the way of the director to say us that he is a transgender who came out at a very young age. 

The Japan Sinks’ Transgender hero

The transgender Kites’ character is very charming and generous at the same time. He always takes a stance against racism and speaks up for the people of the marginalized groups.

Especially, when the mixed-race Mutoh family faced discrimination during the evacuation as the evacuation team prioritized the pure Japanese people, Kite was very furious and he stood up against such discrimination.

Kite is from a wealthy family and many people might think of him as a privileged group but the way he stood up for the marginalized people impressed the viewers a lot. Kite also saves the fellow survivors by risking his own life.

He is the ultimate hero of the series as he saves the entire country Japan with his spy hacking skills. Furthermore, his freestyle rap performed to cheer up the Mutoh family in such chaotic times was also an emotional part.

Kite’s character is an inspiration to the young generation of the world because of him being the hero of Japan Sinks who is a transgender but it never stopped him from helping others and being the talented rapper, successful YouTuber, and Journalist.

Such diverse characters and unique storyline are what make this anime much more special. This anime is a motivational one despite having the apocalyptic story.

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