Is Lamont Marcell Jacobs Gay? Meet His Wife, Partner Or Girlfriend

Is Lamont Marcell Jacobs Gay? Sexuality Rumors On Italian Gold Medalist

Is Lamont Marcell Jacobs Gay? Sexuality Rumors On Italian Gold Medalist

Is Lamont Marcell Jacobs Gay? Despite all sexuality rumors, he is happy with his wife Nicole Daza.

Marcell Jacobs is an Italian sprinter and long jumper. He claimed a shock gold in the Olympic 100m final.

A sensational run of 9.79 from Marcell Jacobs saw him become the first Italian to ever win the men’s 100m and most unlikely successor of Usain Bolt as the sprint god of the Olympics. 

Is Lamont Marcell Jacobs Gay? Everything On His Sexuality

No, Lamont Marcell Jacobs is not gay. In fact, he has a wife.

After making history as the first Italian man to win 100M gold, Marcell Jacobs is in limelight for quite a while.

There are many questions regarding Jacobs’ sexuality as many sexuality rumors surround him in recent times.

Despite several ongoing sexuality rumors, Marcell Jacobs is not gay – but straight.

One of the most concrete sources to prove he is not gay is that he is in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend. 

Meet His Wife – Does He Have Partner Or Girlfriend?

Lamont Marcell Jacobs is blessed to his wife, Nicole Daza.

Well, Jacobs is madly in love with his life partner Nicole. They have been in a relationship for a while now – in fact for more than 4 years.

Jacobs shares immense bonding and love for his longtime girlfriend Nicole. His girlfriend is a Fashion girl based in Roma.

His girlfriend, Nicole is also an Instagram model. She is quite popular on Instagram.

The couple resides together in Rome. They have two children – a son named Anthony and a daughter named Meghan.

We can see the pair’s affectionate and intimate pictures on their social media handles. While Jacobs does not like to upload many pictures, Nicole pops up with plenty of pictures which gives a regular glimpse into their life.

We’re yet to make sure how did Jacobs and Nicole met, but they seem unblemished.

Is Lamont Marcell Jacobs Married?

Lamont Marcell Jacobs married deets are out of sight.

However, he is currently in a relationship with Nicole Daza.

As per our researches, we’re unable to grasp the couple married life. But, their love seems no short than a married couple.

Marcell Jacobs has a son from his previous relationship at the age of 19. However, his baby mama is still under the wrap.

Lamont Marcell Jacobs Won Gold In Olympic 2021

Lamont Marcell Jacobs racks up gold in men’s 100M in Tokyo Olympics.

The powerful Jacobs gathered speed as he moved into his stride, legs pumping to move past Kerley and set a personal best.

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