Is Leila Nathoo Pregnant? Meet Her Partner And Husband

Is Leila Nathoo Pregnant? Meet Her Partner And Husband

Is Leila Nathoo Pregnant? Meet Her Partner And Husband

Is Leila Nathoo pregnant? The question has been making rounds on the Internet as she appeared to be pregnant while reporting for BBC news.

Leila is a British journalist born in 1985. She is known for creating reports and articles about political news which come in handy during the broadcast. The 35-year-old journalist has already gained mainstream recognition for her work.

Is Leila Nathoo Pregnant? Meet Her Husband

There has not been any confirmation on Leila Nathoo’s pregnancy. 

It has been known that she is married and she lives with her husband. But she has not disclosed any details on her partner.

The English journalist is only active on Twitter, where she mostly tweets and retweets the news and updates from BBC. She has not shared anything about her personal life. It has made it even difficult to find out about her personal life.

Leila Nathoo Parents

Leila is a private person when it comes to her personal life.

Despite being in the limelight as the political correspondent for BBC for so many years, she has kept her family a secret. There is not much information on her parents.

Since Leila was born in the UK, it can be said that her parents live in the UK too. It is not known what they do for a living.

However, Leila herself makes a monthly income ranging from 25,000 pounds to 48,000 pounds.

She is a graduate of the University of Westminster, London, England.

Meet Her On Twitter

Nathoo is active on Twitter under the Twitter handle @leilanathoo. She has amassed 4474 followers on the platform (as of April 25, 2021).

Recently she has been covering the political news of East Africa. Leila has been sharing a lot of news about the killing of unarmed civilians in Ethiopia’s Tigray region by people dressed in Ethiopian army uniforms, lately on her Twitter account.

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