Is Levar Burton Gay? Wife Stephanie Cozart Burton Begs To Differ

When Is Levar Burton Going To Host Jeopardy? Wife And Family Amid Gay Rumors

When Is Levar Burton Going To Host Jeopardy? Wife And Family Amid Gay Rumors

Is Levar Burton gay? His wife Stephanie Cozart Burton and children with her tell a different story.

Everybody was excited to see Levar Burton as a guest host on Jeopardy! this week. More than 240,000 fans have asked the producers to bring beloved actor on the show for a while now.

Likewise, the 64 years old actor undoubtedly stood up to the expectations.  

Is Levar Burton Gay? Wife Stephanie Cozart Burton Begs To Differ

No, Levar Burton is not gay. Despite all the rumors, he never came out.

There are many reasons why someone might assume that Levar Buton’s sexuality is in the LGBTQ+ spectrum. He has been supporting the gay rights movement for a while now.

Burton is also an advocate for AIDS, an illness that is mainly epidemic among gay men. In fact, he is a board member of the AIDS Research Alliance. It is a non-profit organization that is involved in finding a cure for AIDS. 

Therefore, people might judge his sexuality as gay. However, the rumors have been completely debunked. 

In fact, Levar Burton’s wife Stephanie Cozart begs to differ.

Levar and Stephanie have been together for nearly three decades now. This eventually proves that the TV host is not gay.

Just because someone supports gay rights doesn’t mean, he/she/they have to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community. It is always a sweet gesture to show love for the community – gay or not!

More Revelations on Levar Burton’s Partner and Children

Levar Burton and his wife Stephanie Cozart got married on October 3, 1992.

Apparently, Cozart is no stranger to the TV world. She is employed as a professional makeup artist in the industry. Moreover, she has worked in filmographies like White Men Can’t Jump and In Living Color.

The love birds met each other during the shooting of Roots: The Gift in 1988. They have been inseparable since then.

Furthermore, Levar Burton is also a proud parent of two children with Stepahine.

He has a daughter named Michaela “Mica” Jean Burton. Similarly, Levar Burton is a loving dad to his son, Eian Burton Smith.

Currently, the family enjoys a luxurious life in Sherman Oaks, California.

Levar Burton Family and Early Life

Levar Burton’s family is originally from Landstuhl, West Germany.

His mom, Erma Jean Burton, was a social worker and teacher. Similarly, his father, Levardis Robert Martyn Burton, was a photographer.

The actor grew up with his two sisters in Sacramento, California. Sadly, his mother and younger sister passed away from diabetes complications in 2018.

Besides, the TV host is of a soft-spoken personality and has a background in drama. 

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