Is Lexxi Foxx Gay? Steel Panther Guitarist Sexuality And Partner

Is Steel Panther Guitarist Lexxi Foxx Gay? His Sexuality Explored

Is Steel Panther Guitarist Lexxi Foxx Gay? His Sexuality Explored

Is Lexxi Foxx Gay? Foxx has stated he is not gay. But many Steel Panther fans might be confused about his sexuality. Learn more about his partner and net worth.

Steel Panther is one of the most famous modern metal music bands. This band was formed in 2000 in the name of Metal Shop. 

Later they changed their name to danger Kitty in 2003 and Metal Skool in 2003-2008. After 2008, this band has established itself as Metal Panther and gained millions of fans worldwide. 

Currently, there are four members in the band. Lexxi Foxx is one of them. He is the guitarist for the band. 

Because of the band’s genres and contents, member’s sexuality has always been questioned by the public. Lexxi Foxx is also assumed as gay because of his appearance and taste in colors. 

Is Lexxi Foxx Gay?

It is confirmed that Lexxi Foxx is not gay.

Lexxi Foxx is always seen in a blonde wig and full of glossy makeup on the stage. Because of his appearance, metal fans assume him as gay.

He has also stated pink and purple to be his favorite color. This statement also made the public question his sexuality as stereotypically pink and purple is girlish color.

However, he recently has confirmed that he is straight, and regarding his personal appearance and color choices, there is nothing to question. 

Lexxi Foxx Age

There is no valid information about Lexxi’s birth date and age.

He was born in California, United States.

He celebrates his birthday on July 15. And looking at him, we assume that he is in his late thirties.

Lexxi Foxx Wife and Partner

Lexxi Foxx’s personal life is not in the camera limelight. There is no relevant information about his marital relationship or any love affairs.

Lexxi is one of the easiest and sexiest members of Steel panther. And he also confirmed to be straight. There is no relevant information about his present and past relationship.

He can be single or might be hiding his relationship.

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