Is Louie Knuxx Dead Or Alive? Todd Williams Death

Artist Louie Knuxx Reportedly Passed Away – Death Hoax Or Truth?

Artist Louie Knuxx Reportedly Passed Away – Death Hoax Or Truth?

Louie Knuxx’s death news is trending on social media. How did Todd Williams die? Get to know every detail from here.

Louie Knuxx is a musical artist and songwriter. He was involved in the hip-hop scene for a long time and has over 2.9k subscribers on Youtube.

Knuxx is widely popular for his song Stan Howse, Mercury Plaza, and,  Signs. He is known for his two notable albums; PGT & Tiny Warm Hearts.

Some of his songs were even featured on the top of New Zealand releases. Recent rumors suggest him to be dead. Here are the details.

Is Louie Knuxx Dead Or Alive? Death Hoax

Recent news suggests that the rapper Louie Knuxx is dead. The talented Hip Hop star was reported to have died on August 13, 2021.

Likewise, Louie Knuxx’s death cause is yet to be made public.

The rapper has remained absent from the music industry for a very long time now. 

He was seen active on his social media platform. On his Instagram bio, he also mentions being a retired rap music song guy. 

If we check out his Instagram feed, we can see him enjoying his family life. This confirms the rapper lived a very blissful life after his retirement.

Moreover, Louie Knuxx also hosted the How Not To Be An Asshole podcast.

As of now, many of his fans feel sad about his untimely death.  Concerned persons have taken to social media to share tributes to his family.

Artist: Who Is Louie Knuxx?

The actual age of Louie Knuxx’s age must be somewhere in the early thirties.

For now, there are no factual data related to his age and birthday available on the web.

His fierce love for hip hop stems from the age of four when his mother bought him a rap record to b-boy to.

Knuxx’s first membership was with Another Liquid Crew (ALC) in New Plymouth. He later founded the Dirtbag District (DBD) with BWW.

Louie’s unique voice is his biggest distinction, and his style was always so alluring to his fans.

What Is Louie Knuxx Real Name?

Louie Knuxx originally was called Todd Williams. Despite his real name, he is mostly known by his stage name.

Originally known as Louie Cypher, he changed to the name Muse in 2004. However, he is officially recognized as Louie Knuxx in the industry.

Knuxx was seen active on Instagram with the username @louieknuxx. He has more than 9 thousand followers to date.

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