Is Luke Shaw Muslim Or Christian? Religion Faith And Background

Luke Shaw Religion & Background: Is He Muslim?

Luke Shaw Religion & Background: Is He Muslim?

Is Luke Shaw Muslim religion? His Ramadan pictures hint that he might be a Moslem.

There are many footballers open about their Muslim faith. Legends like Zinedine Zidane, Mesut Ozil and Paul Pogba are just to name few.

However, fans have always wondered about Manchester United star Luke Paul Hoare Shaw’s beliefs. 

Is Luke Shaw Muslim Or Christian? Religion Faith

Luke Shaw is reportedly Muslim or Moslem religion by faith.

In 2017, Shaw was captured celebrating Ramadan in Dubai. He had visited the city with other footballers like Adnan Januzaj and Bojan.

Similarly, all of them were wearing “thawbs,” a white robe worn by Muslim men.

The pictures were first made public by an IG user named Ahmed El-Saraf. He captioned the photo as “Having Sohoor night with the boys.” Sohoor is the pre-meal consumed by Muslims before the daylight fasting in Ramadan. 

This all hints that Luke Shaw might not Christian. Nonetheless, he has not openly spoken about his religious practices yet. 

Luke Shaw Background 

Luke Shaw comes from English family background.

He was born in Kingston Upon Thames, London, on July 12, 1995. Likewise, Luke Shaw was raised by his parents: Paul and Joanna Shaw.

The athlete attended the Rydens Enterprise School in Surrey. As a child, Luke was an avid Chelsea supporter and even played at Chelsea’s development center when he was just 8.

Eventually, he joined the Southampton Academy. By the age of 15 years old, he has become regular at the under-18 team. In 2014, Shaw finally got his breakthrough as a Man United player. He signed a contract worth £30 million with the club.

Now, 25 years old Luke Shaw owns a net worth of $44.5 million.

Meet Luke Shaw Family and Wife

Luke Shaw is dating soon to be wife Anouska Santos.

The couple came public about their relationship in 2017. Though they are not married to date, the lovebirds are smitten with each other. In November 2019, Luke Shaw’s family even welcomed a baby boy. He was named Reign London.

The footballer states he has grown as a person after his son’s birth. In fact, it also helped him to improve his game. 

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