Is Mark Feely dead? Tik Tok, Age, Stabbed, Height, Instagram

Mark Feely

Mark Feely

Mark Feely is a convicted pedophile whose death news has been circulating over the internet. But, turns out, it’s a lie and he is actually alive and back on social media. Therefore, many people are trying to make others beware of him so that he won’t prey on kids.

He is on TikTok. And, the sad part is, he seems to have a lot of followers especially, children. With the username, Nonce of the North, his videos on TikTok were getting popular. So, seeing him on social media, people are worried wondering what he might do next.

Name Mark Feely
Gender Male
Height N/A
Nationality British
Ethnicity White
Profession TikTok Star
Tiktok @mark.xox
Twitter @markfeely2

Warning to all parents Mark Feely is active on social media / TikTok again.

sending images to young boys and girls…

Posted by 50 Shades Of HMP on Thursday, July 30, 2020


10 Facts on Mark Feely

  1. Mark Feely is a British pedophile and makes TikTok videos in order to get young children to follow him.
  2. He is not dead. In fact, he is well and alive and has recently been released which is why people see him as a threat to kids.
  3. Having been caught trying to prey on kids, he has been stabbed or stung by pedophile hunters such as Elite Predator Interceptors and Safeguarding Kids Online before.
  4. His height is not known to the public.
  5. He does not seem active on Instagram. However, he is on both TikTok as well as Twitter.
  6. After he had been released, he had gone missing. Maybe that is why people thought he was dead. But, he is not.
  7. His age has not been disclosed. From his photos, he looks like he is around 35 to 45 years old.
  8. He is of British nationality. In addition, he belongs to white ethnicity.
  9. Since he got back on social media, he has changed his appearance by dying his hair. But, people are sharing his photos online so that more people know him for the criminal that he is.
  10. He had been caught a few times in the past by the police.

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