Is Michele Morrone Gay? The Actor Comes Out On Instagram

Are Simone Susinna And Michele Morrone Dating? Instagram Users Thinks So

Are Simone Susinna And Michele Morrone Dating? Instagram Users Thinks So

Is Michele Morrone Gay? He has recently hinted at dating Simone Susinna that has raised questions regarding his sexuality. See the real update of the story between the duo here.

The recent Instagram picture of Simona Susinna has ignited the talks of his sexuality. Also, he brought Michelle Morrone into the flame as he shared a cozy image captioning ‘I’m a liar.’

Michele is an Italian actor who went viral for his extraordinary work in the 2020 movie 365 Days. He has more credits like Sirene, The Trial, Medici, and many more in his accounts.

He was born on 3 October 1990 in Italy, and he studied theatre at the Teatro Fraschini di Pavia.

Is Michele Morrone Gay?

Michele Morrone is not gay.

But his recent involvement in the picture with Simone Susinna has brought him to the marsh of gay speculation.

Michele already has been in a relationship and also has kids.

He was previously married to his ex-wife named Rouba Saadeh.

Rouba is a designer and founder of Le Paradis Des Fous, who has worked with the Lebanese fashion designer, Elie Saab.

They were tied for four years from 2014 and welcomed a couple of children, Marcudo and Brado. They divorced in 2018 on equal consent for their two kids.

He was later speculated to be dating the 356 Days costar Anna Maria Sieklucka. But they remained as friends.

The Actor Comes Out On Instagram

Michele Morrone came out with a shirtless image with Susinna on Instagram.

Since Pride Month has started with the start of June, Morrone’s shirtless picture might have the deepest meaning inside.

But the official announcement is yet to be done.

It appears that the duo is a new partner confronting their sexuality on the first day of Pride Month, though.

Many fans have already cited the post as the Pride Month Miracle and have stated their name alongside the Rainbow, which is the color of Pride Month.

Are Simone Susinna And Michele Morrone Dating? 

Well, looking at the recent image, it appears that Simone Susinna and Michele Morrone are dating.

But truth be told by the official representatives, they have not spilled beans regarding their relationship.

Susinna’s captions twist the rumors, though.

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