Is Michelle Obama A Transgender Woman? No, She Is Straight Female

No, Michelle Obama Is Not A Transgender Woman: Rumors Explained

No, Michelle Obama Is Not A Transgender Woman: Rumors Explained

Is Michelle Obama A Transgender Woman? There are a lot of speculations on the internet implying the former first lady to be gay. Here is the truth about her sexuality explained. 

Conspiracies on the internet have become very common recently. Someone on social media comes out with a twisted idea or theory about someone and it gets viral in no time. 

It is our sole responsibility not to blindfold ourselves with dubious claims on the internet. Also, we should make people aware of such false acclaims that prevail on the internet. 

Is Michelle Obama A Transgender Woman? 

Absolutely not. The former first lady of the White House is a straight female. She is not a transgender woman despite the conspiracies that are piling up on the internet. 

Moreover, Michelle Obama was born as “Michelle LaVaughn Robinson” in Chicago, United States. She tied the knots with Barack Obama and successfully became the first African American woman to hold the title of the First Lady of the United States. 

Even though there are a lot of rumors about her being a transgender woman, we assure you that she isn’t. Her childhood pictures suggest that she looked more like a tomboy but she was a girl, she always has been. Rest assured, Michelle Obama didn’t undergo any methods for the change of her gender. 

Is Michelle Obama a man? Conspiracies Explained!

People started making claims about her being a transgender woman ever since a standup act by the late comedian, Joan Rivers. Rives made a joke about both Barack Obama and his wife being gay in her stand-up acts once. 

People clearly took the joke seriously and started making insane claims on the internet about Michelle Obama’s sexuality. However, comedian Rivers meant it as an uplifting satire about the LGBTQ community. 

Hence, it is wiser to ignore conspiracies like these and also inspire people to do the same. Maybe, it’s time we start to make better use of the internet. 

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