Is Mike Busey Related To Gary Busey?

Who Is Is Mike Busey? Everything You Need To Know Him

Who Is Is Mike Busey? Everything You Need To Know Him

Mike Busey lacks a Wikipedia bio. Is he related to Garey Busey? Meet the owner of Sausage Castle. 

Mike is a media host and entertainer. He hosts several parties in his mansion in Orlando, Florida.

Mike Busey Wikipedia

Mike Busey’s Wikipedia bio is not available as of now.

Busey hosts The Mike Busey Live Show. Also, he runs Mike Busey Live Broadcast and The Busey Beauties.

In addition, he has worked with Jackass, Three 6 Mafia, and Girls Gone Wild. He hosted The Wildest Show N America before with Playboy and MTV.

Mike was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, as Michael Andrew Ward. His age has reached 40 years old now. Also, he has his birthday celebrations on the 19th of December each year.

Notably, Busey dreamt of becoming a pastor in his childhood. He worked for several clubs before creating his own show in 2005.

Is Mike Busey Related To Gary Busey?

Yes, Mike Busey is related to Gary Busey.

Actually, Mike is the nephew of Gary.

Garey is a 76-year-old actor, singer, and musician. He is known for his role as Buddy Holly in The Buddy Holly Story in 1978. 

Interestingly, Gary is a Best Actor winner at the National Society of Film Critics Award. Also, he was nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards.

Besides, he has appeared in movies like Behaving BadlyPiranha 3DD, Soldier, and more.

Mike Busey The Sausage Castle

Mike Busey owns The Sausage Castle.

He claims it is the wildest home in America. Also, he hosts erotic parties at the mansion. It is a house where the fun never ends.

As per The Sun, Mike’s Sausage Castle was burnt with flames in 2017. The castle was empty for a few months, which resulted in no injuries.

In fact, Busey had been receiving many code violation allegations for his house. Also, there were threats of shutting down the mansion.

Not to mention, the house hosted over 50 thousand visitors during parties. It is located in Orlando, Florida.

His Net Worth

Mike Busey’s net worth is around $250 thousand.

Also, he earns from his YouTube channel. Busey reopened his Sausage Castle in 2018.

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