Is MyKayla Skinner Racist? Controversy And Scandal

MyKayla Skinner’s Past Controversy Will Always Shadow Her – Here Is What She Said

MyKayla Skinner’s Past Controversy Will Always Shadow Her – Here Is What She Said

Is MyKayla Skinner racist? Read below to know about her controversy and scandal.

American artistic gymnast MyKayla Skinner is competing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. She is recognized for the 11 gold medals that she has bagged in the USA National Championships.

Moreover, she has represented the US national team since 2011. Previously, she had represented her college team, Utah Red Rocks.

Is MyKayla Skinner Racist?

MyKayla Skinner is termed racist by a Reddit user, u/Dramatic_Quarter. She has listed all of the olympian’s indiscretions.

Reportedly, the Reddit user claims that she is an embarrassment to the entire nation. Well, people are not convinced with the way she handles herself online.

Despite having an incredible professional profile, many Americans are not satisfied with her life outside gymnastics. Well, some of the US Women’s Gymnastic Team followers didn’t want MyKayla to be included.

After she was selected for the Olympics, Twitter exploded with anger. Clearly, none of those tweets were positive for MyKayla.

Moreover, she had also used the N-word multiple times. Furthermore, she used Gabby Douglas‘s photoshopped face on Twitter and used racist emojis.

Later, MyKayla apologized for retweeting those photos that offended the African-American ethnicity. However, many believe that she did so only because her university wanted her to do so.

MyKayla Skinner Controversy Explained

MyKayla Skinner has become a subject of controversy for multiple cases. Apart from racism, she is also accused of deteriorating the COVID-19 protocols.

In December 2020, the gymnast and her husband, Jonas Harmer tested positive for the coronavirus. However, they were spotted in public and didn’t bother staying home.

Clearly, their attitude showed they didn’t care about the millions of people who were suffering. Well, they were spotted partying and living a normal life.

Everything To Know About MyKayla Skinner Scandal

MyKayla Skinner’s scandal has made a majority of the American population upset. Apart from Twitter, she recorded racist videos and shared them on Snapchat.

Indeed, her pandemic behaviors have shown no sportsmanship in her blood. Also, she posted multiple tweets about Grace McCallum when she took over her in the US team.

Furthermore, she said that Kyla Ross and Maggie Nichols were not deserving to win in the NCAA. Moreover, u/Dramatic_Quarte predicts that she will tweet again if she gets knocked out from the Olympics.

Gymnast MyKayla Olympics Update

MyKayla Skinner is making her 2020 Olympics debut on July 25, 2021. She is confident to bag a gold medal for her country.

 Her parents, Cris Skinner and Kym Skinner are proud of their gymnast daughter. Moreover, her three siblings, Jeremy, Chelsea, and Katie are supporting her in the ongoing 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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