Is Nathaniel Veltman A Jewish Name? Family Religion & Net Worth

Is Truck Attack Suspect Nathaniel Veltman Jewish? Religion And Background

Is Truck Attack Suspect Nathaniel Veltman Jewish? Religion And Background

Is Nathaniel Veltman Jewish by religion? Right now, we have no evidence to support the claim. 

A horrific hate crime took place in Ontario, London, when Nathaniel Veltman rammed his car into a family of 5 Muslim people on July 6, 2021. The alleged planned accident killed 4 (aged 74, 46, 44, and 15) and injured one 9 years old boy. 

Is Nathaniel Veltman A Jewish Name? His Religion Explored

Many suspect Nathaniel Veltman to be a Jewish name.

Nathaniel is a name with a Hebrew origin that means “Gift of God”. Likewise, there is some Jewish family with the surname “Veltman”.

However, this does not prove Nathaniel Veltman is Jewish by religion.

It is very difficult to identify someone’s religion just by their name. Therefore, Nathaniel Veltman’s religious background remains undisclosed.

On the other hand, Vetlman’s victims were all Muslim. In fact, many have considered his act as an Islamophobia or Muslim hate crime. 

Meanwhile, many religious communities have come forward to demand immediate action. Communities like the National Council of Canadian Muslims and the Jewish community in London condemned Veltman’s crime. 

Has Police Released Nathaniel Veltman’s Picture?

The police have not revealed Nathaniel Veltman’s pictures yet.

Due to the seriousness of the case, Nathaniel Veltman photos are kept private for now. However, this secrecy has come with maximum backlash. People across social media are strongly asking the police to disclose his mugshot.

Nathaniel Veltman is 20 years old in age. Similarly, the police caught him in the Cherryhill mall wearing an armor-style vest. Furthermore, people are alleging that Nathaniel Veltman belongs to the white ethnicity.

Update on His Family 

Nathaniel Veltman family background is still under review.

Nevertheless, many of his neighbours in London are speaking about him. Most of them described him as an introverted person, who rarely interacted with anyone.

According to one of the neighbors, Nathaniel lived alone in his unit. Similarly, she even used to have a constant argument with Nathaniel over loud noises. In addition, another former neighbor has also mentioned similar loud noises statements.

The police have charged Veltman with four murders and one attempted murder till now. Besides, he can also face charges for terrorism.

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