Is NBA Youngboy Alive Or Dead? Rapper Shot In Jail

Fact Check: NBA Youngboy Was Shot In Jail, Is He Alive Or Dead?

Fact Check: NBA Youngboy Was Shot In Jail, Is He Alive Or Dead?

Is the NBA Youngboy rapper alive or not? Rumors are flooding on the internet that the rapper shot in jail. Here is an update that the reader is in search of. Stay with us for a moment.

NBA Youngboy, aka Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, is an American rapper and songwriter. He released eight independent mixtapes and has amassed a massive fan following on social media platforms.

Moreover, he has a record in the police department for domestic violence and deadly shoot out in Miami. His name is quite known in the criminal records and managed to be in the headlines in daily newspapers. 

In 2019, he was under observation by police for 90 days probation period and 14 months banned from performing on stage. 

Nevertheless, his name is listed on the radar of Wikipedia. We can get to know his career details in a detailed manner.

Is NBA Young Boy Alive Or Dead?

NBA Young Boy rapper is still alive. Yes! You read it right. He is not dead in a jail cell.

As per the latest updated news from Fox 23, the Baton Rouge rapper NBA Youngboy has been arrested in LA on a federal warrant. Things became complicated he tried to flee the scene on foot.

However, the police caught him and found a firearm in the vehicle.

NBA Youngboy Shot In Jail

Youngboy was shot in 2019 after the Fatal Miami shooting.

He has resurfaced in a Louisiana jail cell reported by Miami Herald. During the continuous gunfire, Gaulden’s girlfriend was wounded with a shot in the shoulder.

Also, three bystanders were injured, a Texas man, his girlfriend, and her 5-year-old son.

NBA musical career is successful, but his legal issues and controversies have somehow hampered his career. 

NBA young boy’s criminal records in the police departments are high. From 2016 to 2021, the rapper has been arrested for attempted murder, assault, domestic violence, and weapons and gun possessions, and still going on.

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