Is Nyla Rose A Man? AEW Nyla Rose Before Surgery And Boyfriend

Nyla Rose Before Surgery Pictures, Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Nyla Rose Before Surgery Pictures, Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Nyla Rose was born a man but later had surgery to make herself the first transgender wrestler. 

Rose is an American professional wrestler as well as an actress who has signed to All Elite Wrestling. Moreover, she is also a former AEW Women’s World Champion.

Is Nyla Rose A Man?

Yes, former AEW Women’s World Champion Nyla was actually a man.

However, she underwent surgery which made her a woman and she became the first open transgender wrestler.

Before her surgery, Nyla’s real name was Brandon Degroat but after coming out as a transgender woman, she began to call herself Brandi Hicks Degroat.

Currently, this wrestler has a height of 5 feet 7 inches and she has a weight of 85 kg. This transgender has a quite heavy physique.

Moreover, she is also an actress who has starred in the 2016 Canadian television series named The Switch as the lead character.

Nyla Rose Before Surgery

Rose was born on August 3, 1982, and her current age is 38 years old.

She used to be a man before her surgery, however, the profession of transgender wrestler has always been a wrestler.

Not much about her pre-surgery life has been revealed by her yet and she wants the world to know herself as a woman.

This transgender wrestler also became the first transgender wrestler to win a title in a major American promotion when she won the AEW Women’s World Championship in 2020.

Moreover, she was also ranked no. 16 from the top 100 female wrestlers in PWI Women’s 100 recently.

Who Is Nyla Rose Boyfriend?

Nyla Rose does not have a boyfriend currently.

However, it is known by everyone that previously this wrestler was married to Kelenna Mills. This couple got married in Alexandria, Virginia, and was identified as a lesbian couple.

However, Nyla still had her male reproductive organ when she got married to Kelenna and identified herself as a lesbian.

We can meet this transgender wrestler on Instagram @nylarosebeast.

Here she has shared more than one thousand posts on her Instagram profile and her Instagram profile is followed by more than 39.4 thousand people.

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