Is Orlando Soria Gay? Meet His Partner, Husband Or Boyfriend 2020

Is Orlando Soria Gay? Meet His Partner, Husband Or Boyfriend 2020

Is Orlando Soria Gay? Meet His Partner, Husband Or Boyfriend 2020

Orlando Soria is an interior designer and break-up expert. He says that he believes in the healing power of design. In fact, the star said that he found out from first-hand experience how healing the process could be after he had a hard breakup. 

He has taken his beliefs and experience onto the screen as he has his own show called Unspouse My House on which he helps people who have recently broken-up heal by redoing their houses. 

He is also releasing another show Build Me Up on July 22, 2020. 

Is Orlando Soria Gay? 

Yes, the interior designer is gay, in fact, he revealed to Distractify that he discovered his passion for designing after a break -up with his boyfriend whom he lived with more than 3 years ago. 

Who Is Soria’s Boyfriend in 2020?

The star designer helps single people deal with break-ups and is single as of 2020 according to various online sources. 

Similarly, his whole show is also based on him overhauling the houses of recently single people. 

Orlando’s Breakup Kick Started His Career

Soria was ain a very serious relationship in 2017 and even lived with his boyfriend. He wrote about his break-up in his blog. His then-boyfriend kicked him out of the house and he had to adjust to a brand-new apartment all by himself.

He then decorated the apartment all alone, he said that the experience helped him heal over the separation. It was this lightbulb moment when he found out the healing power of interior design.  

Orlando also has a lot of tips to give to his fans when it comes to breakups and getting over a live-in relationship. 

Then, he put his thought into action on the screen with the show Unspouse My House with the upbeat attitude of ‘pay it forward’. he wanted to help others who have suffered through the same thing he has.  

Orlando Soria’s Age In 2020

Orlando was born on July 5, 1982, in California, USA. He is 38 years old as of July 2020 and was born under the star sign Cancer. He has 2 siblings, a brother, and a sister. 

Soria went to Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art and Planning. He also studied at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design.

The Designer’s Career In Show Business Began In 2011

He started his career with his appearance as an assistant on Secrets from a Stylist in 2011. He worked on all 26 episodes of the show. The reality show follows Emily Henderson who helps clients rearrange their home bit by bit until it matches their personal taste. 

Soria was one of the stars of the show alongside Emily. Then he appeared on Jeffery Live in 2016. His next TV appearance came in 2018 in the show Home & Family. 

He got his own TV show in 2019 and the first episode of Unspouse My House aired on 6th June 2019. He helps a recently divorced mom of two clear out the memories of her broken marriage.

Next, he helped a father of two in California, replacing his entire floor and his furniture. 

The last episode of the show (as of July 2020) comes to the rescue of a young mother and renovates her kitchen, dining, laundry, and living rooms. 

His New Show Comes Out In July

Build Me Up is Orlando’s latest show, it comes out on July 22, 2020. Like his former show, he will be helping homeowners have their best designs brought to life. 

He will be hosting the show which will air on HGTV every Wednesday night at 9 PM ET from July 22. 


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