Is Raina Macintyre On Wikipedia? Her Husband Name Revealed

Raina Macintyre Husband: Who is She Married To?

Raina Macintyre Husband: Who is She Married To?

Raina Macintyre’s Wikipedia is being searched after she spoke at the World Science Festival Brisbane.

According to Brisbane Times, Raina Macintyre was critical of the AHPPC meetings held behind closed doors. She also confessed what could be done in the next pandemic.

Since April 2018, Raina is serving as the Professor of Global Biosecurity at UNSW. She is also serving as their NHMRC Principal Research Fellow. Moreover, she also works as an Adjunct Professor at Arizona State University.

Is Raina Macintyre On Wikipedia?

Raina Macintyre is not on Wikipedia. However, we can gain her information from her official LinkedIn profile.

She had attended the University of Sydney, earning her MBBS degree. Later, she earned her Master’s degree and Ph.D. in Applied Epidemiology from The Australian National University

She had also attended Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the University of Warwick, and Harvard Business School. After her education, she got enrolled at the University of Sydney as their professor.

Raina Husband Name Revealed

Raina Macintyre’s husband’s details are currently unavailable. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, she has an ex-husband. However, the site did not reveal his name there.

The site revealed that Raina has children with her ex-husband, who is still close to her. Right now, we are unsure if she is married to anyone.

Raina was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and thus, her family members are all Sri-Lankan. However, she was raised an Anglican and is living in Australia for quite a long time. Moreover, Macintyre practices Catholicism.

Raina Macintyre Earnings Explored

As a professor and coronavirus communicator, Raina’s earnings must be average. As per our guess, her salary is probably in the thousands.

However, we are unknown about Macintyre’s net worth in 2021. At the age of 57, she has definitely been living the life she wants. Furthermore, Raina has appeared in some movies, including Coronavirus, Coronavirus: El virus que paraliza la Mundo, and Coronavirus Como Comenzo Todo.

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