Is Richard Okorogheye Found? Disease, Age And Parents

Who is Richard Okorogheye? Missing Student From London with Sickle Cell Disease

Who is Richard Okorogheye? Missing Student From London with Sickle Cell Disease

Is Richard Okorogheye found? Learn about the London boy who went missing including his disease and age. 

Richard Okorogheye has been missing since March 22 in West London. The teenager left his home at around  8 30 PM on March 22 and has not returned home yet, as described by his parents. He was supposed to go to his friends’ house. 

The Kensington and Chelsea Police received the news of his missing on March 25 and the search has been active. He was a student at Oxford Brookes. 

Is Richard Okorogheye found?

No, Richard Okorogheye is not found yet. 

The Oxford Brookes student who was having a hard time coping with the coronavirus situation was last seen on March 22. Despite continuous efforts of search and investigation. no development has been made about his whereabouts. 

It has already been a week and his parents are losing their patience as there is no sign of him. 

Richard Okorogheye Disease: What is he suffering from?

Richard Okorogheye had sickle cell disease. It means that his RBCs are sickle-celled. 

A victim of sickle cell disease has a hard time circulating oxygen within the blood. It signifies that the person’s body doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells for circulation. 

As a result of such a disease, Richard Okorogheye had to go through regular blood transfusions. It was just another transfusion day for him, however, he didn’t return home that day and ever since. 

The teenager was very uncomfortable being in a lockdown as he had to go through regular transfusions. 

Richard Age And Birthday: How Old?

Richard Okorogheye is just 19 years of age. 

However, the facts about his birthday are unavailable at the moment. 

As for his parents, his mother, Ms. Joel is a nurse. She has not seen him since the 22nd of March as the search continues. 

She stated that her son left Ladbroke Grove Area in West London before he went missing. 

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