Is Richard Pryor Jr Gay? Was He Dating Paul Mooney?

Richard Pryor Jr And Paul Mooney Were Close: Did They Ever Date?

Richard Pryor Jr And Paul Mooney Were Close: Did They Ever Date?

Is Richard Pryor Jr Gay? Was He Dating The Late Paul Mooney? Know About Their Connection Below.

Richard is an actor/comedian with numerous notable acting credits under his name. Some of them are Bachelors Grove, Prepper’s Grove, That Wasn’t Supposed to Happen, and many others.

The rumors of him dating the late Paul Mooney have once again revived following the death of Paul on May 19, 2021.

Is Richard Pryor Jr Gay? Rumors

Yes. Richard Pryor Jr. is gay.

He came out as gay back in 1981 and lived as a proud LGBT personality for over the decades.

Was He Dating The Late Paul Mooney?

Richar Pryor Jr. never dated late Paul Mooney.

There are no records of Richar Pryor Jr. having an official relationship with Paul Mooney.

But it has come to enlightenment that they had a physical relation back in time.

Sources have claimed that Pryor Jr. and Paul were physically involved, and Richar Pryor (Sr.) wanted Paul dead just because he slept with his son (Richard Pryor Jr.).

As per Rashon Kahn, Richard Pryor’s (Sr.) bodyguard, Pryor Jr., was just a boy at the time.

He is one of six children of Richard Pryor (Sr) and Jennifer Lee. 

Pryor Jr. even accused Paul of molesting him during a family event, his mother Jennifer Lee stated. She mentioned that she had it on a tape.

Pryor Sr. put the value of $1 million for Paul Mooney’s head due to the incident.

On the contradictory, one Twitter user popped up with a tweet stating that the relationship between Pryor Jr. and Paul Mooney was consensual. He even mentioned that Pryor Jr. was already an adult in his alleged relationship with Mooney.

Richard Pryor Jr. Dating Life: Who Is His Wife?

Richard Pryor Jr’s dating life is unexplored.

Since he has not revealed any of his romantical details to the public, he has lived in an overshadowed entity of the romantic ventures.

Moreover, Pryor Jr. does not have a wife.

He has been all over the headlines with his revived molestation accusation drama against late Paul Mooney lately.

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