Is Rodney Foster Wine Entrepreneur Gay? Net Worth, Marrying Millions

Is Rodney Foster Wine Entrepreneur Gay? How Much is Rodney’s Net Worth And Earnings From Marrying Millions?

Is Rodney Foster Wine Entrepreneur Gay? How Much is Rodney’s Net Worth And Earnings From Marrying Millions?

Rodney Foster is one of the contestants on Marrying Millions’ second season and has recently achieved worldwide fame due to the show. He was, however, a successful businessman before coming on the show.

The show follows everyday people as they navigate through daily life. Foster and his partner have appeared on the show and are one of the most talked-about couples by fans of the show. 

Since his appearance on the show, fans have been questioning his sexual orientation. They seem to feel that the wine company owner is gay but more on that below, 

Is Rodney Foster Form Marrying Millions Gay?

Rodney Foster is not gay. Without jumping to conclusions, let’s take a closer look at the couple. Foster and Desiry are one of the couples on the show whose life is not fully as it seems. While all relationships tend to have a few secrets and a bit of awkwardness at times, there are a few factors that separate their relationship from the rest. 

First of all, the couple has been dating for two years but yet Rodney hasn’t introduced Desiry to his family.

In an interview, she said that at first, she was okay with keeping her relationship low-key but 2 years in, they are still walking on eggshells around his family. She has said that it makes her feel a bit weird. 

Another factor is that they have never been physically intimate. PeoplTV’s interview with the pair let them in on the secret that the Desriy avoids sexual contact with her partner.

While some o the evidence may point at him being gay, it is completely plausible that fans have read too much into a unique relationship dynamic.  

In addition to this, the couple has not confirmed the rumors yet. 

What Is Rodney Foster’s Net Worth?

Wine entrepreneur Rodney Foster is a multimillionaire according to People magazine. While his exact net worth has not been revealed many estimates have been in the range of $2 million to $5 million. He must also earn thousands per year.

As a matter of fact, his company Edelheiss, makes around $52,000 per year according to DNB. He made his entire net assets by himself and has worked in the wine industry for more than 20 years. 

His partner, on the other hand, works in a non-profit organization in Los Angeles. 

Is Rodney Foster Married To Girlfriend Desiry?

No, the couple is just dating and they have shared plans to get married in the future. Some altercations and the rumors have gotten in the way of their plans. 

According to online tabloids, the pair are head over heels in love with each other and are inseparable. Both of them have expressed that they want to go ahead and take their relationship one step further. 

As the trailer of the show suggests, she also feels insecure being hidden from his family. Desiry has concerns that he does not want to commit 

Where Is Rodney From?

Rodney lives in Washington DC, he has stayed and worked most of his life there in the wine industry. He has made a lot of riches in DC.

His girlfriend on the other hand lives in Los Angeles and works at a non-profit organization. This is a huge factor in their relationship as most of the time they are a long-distance couple. 

Foster’s Social Media Presence

He is yet to start an account on social media and prefers to remain off-the-grid when it comes to social media. His partner, on the other hand, has an Instagram account with a growing a number of followers. 

Foster might start his social media account as he is slowly becoming a TV star. 

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