Is Rowdy Gaines Gay? Know His Married Life And Family

Is Swimming Analyst Rowdy Gaines Gay? Sexuality And Wife Family

Is Swimming Analyst Rowdy Gaines Gay? Sexuality And Wife Family

Is swimming analyst Rowdy Gaines Gay? No, he is not homosexual and he has been married to his beautiful wife named Judy Gaines.

Rowdy Gaines, whose real name is Ambrose Gaines IV, is an American former competitive swimmer who is currently working as a swimming analyst.

Is Rowdy Gaines Gay?

No, swimming analyst Gaines is not gay at all.

There is no clue that confirms that Rowdy is gay and is interested in people of the same gender.

However, looking at his past, we can know that he had been in relationships with several other women before getting married.

This proves that Gaines had always been interested in the opposite gender and therefore. he is not gay at all.

As a swimming analyst, Gaines has covered swimming at the Olympics Games since 1996, which includes the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics and the London 2012 Summer Olympics as well.

Know The Swimmer’s Married Life

Ambrose Gaines has been married life began in 1989 when he tied his knot with his wife Judy Gaines.

The couple has four children named Emily Gaines, Madison Gaines, Savanna Gaines, and Isabelle Gaines.

Gaines has not revealed any other information about his wife except her name but it is known that the Gaines family currently resides in Lake Mary, Florida.

It has already been more than 31 years since Ambrose and Judy got married but they still are having the best relationship with no controversies until today.

Rowdy Gaines Family

Gaines comes from an American family.

However, he has kept his family and parents away from the limelight, and moreover, it is also not known whether he has any siblings or is the single child of his parents.

His parents gave birth to him in Winter Haven, Florida and he was sent to attend Winter Haven High School.

Gaines received a swimming scholarship to Alburn University and he became a five-time NCAA champion under the training of head coach Richard Quick in the university.

The 62 years old firmer swimmer was born on February 17, 1959. He has a height of 6 feet 1 inch and a weight of 73 kg.

He is also the executive director of Rowdy’s Kidz, which is a wellness initiative developed and supported by The Limu Company that reaches out to children across the country.

Rowdy has won a lot of awards throughout his career including, International Swimming Hall of Fame, U.S. Olympics Hall of Fame, 1982 McDonald’s Spirit Awards, and many others.

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