Is Roxy Horner Engaged or Married To Jack Whitehall? Details On Their Relationship

Is Roxy Horner Engaged or Married To Jack Whitehall? Details On Their Relationships

Is Roxy Horner Engaged or Married To Jack Whitehall? Details On Their Relationships

Roxy Horner is a model who is perhaps best-known as the live-in girlfriend of comedian Jack Whitehall. They sent lockdown together and are one of the hottest new couples of 2020.

Horner’s modeling career has been stellar and she appeared on the cover of British Vogue when she was just 17 years old. In addition to this, she has also worked with numerous multinational brands.

Is Roxy Horner Engaged or Married To Comedian Jack Whitehall?

Horner and Whitehall are not engaged or married as of 2020 but they are in a serious relationship. In fact, they spent the whole lockdown together and have shared numerous pictures together at home during the quarantine. 

They have also not shared any plans to get married in the future. 

Who Was Roxy Horner Dating Before Whitehall?

The model was in a relationship with singer Jack Bugg their relationship lasted two years and they were pretty serious about the whole ordeal. 

They ended their relationship in December 2019 telling fans that they were unable to keep each other happy because of their hectic schedules. Horner and Bugg had an on-off relationship since 2017. 

She took the break-up especially hard, she told one of her fans on Instagram. Right after the breakup, they unfollowed each other on the platform.

Roxy also revealed that she had a pretty horrible year during one of her Q/A sessions explaining her experience with the break-up and her former rocky relationship.  

A source close to the model said that she took the breakup especially hard. They also further added that the pair loved each other very much but had to separate to make each other happier. 

The Model Has Been Linked To Other Famous Celebs

Roxy has been linked to The Aviator star Leonardo DiCaprio numerous times. While she denied that they were ever more than friends, they have been spotted several times in London and in hotels. 

Similarly, she also dated star, Joey Essex before he went to take part in the show The Only Way Is Essex. They are both from Essex. 

Another celeb she reportedly dated is rapper Taio Cruz but their relationship has never been confirmed. 

How Old Is Roxy Horner’s Age? 

Roxy Horner was born on June 20, 1991, and is 29 years old as of July 2020. She was born to White parents who are citizens of the UK. Similarly, she is of Caucasian ethnicity and holds British citizenship. 

Whitehall And Horner’s Relationship Is Relatively New

While the pair may seem serious due to their live-in relationship their relationship started in 2020. Then things were fast-tracked due to the lockdown restrictions when they decide to live together. 

They spent the entire lockdown together and became one of the most adorable couples of 2020. 

Before Roxy, Whitehall was making headlines for flirting with numerous women. In fact, according to The Sun, He was linked with several celebs before he started dating Roxy. 

His most serious relationship was with Gemma Chan. He dated her starting somewhere around 2011. They dated for more than 6 years before breaking up in 2017. 

Like Roxy’s former relationship, Jack and Gemma also broke up because of their busy schedules. But it seems, lockdown made it perfect for the pair to date each other. 

Horner’s Instagram Following Is Huge 

Like most models, Roxy also has a huge following on Instagram. As of July 2020, she has more than 169,000 followers. She regularly posts on Insta and has more than 1700 posts. 

She gives her fans updates on all of her events and modeling gigs via the social media platform. 

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