Is Sai Land A Trans Woman?

What Is ‘Find Sai’ Aka #FindSai Twitter Trend: Is Sai Land A Trans Woman?

What Is ‘Find Sai’ Aka #FindSai Twitter Trend: Is Sai Land A Trans Woman?

The hashtag #FindSai has gone trending on Twitter in the past two days or so. 

Social media trends have been very popular, especially among younger users. Anything and everything can get viral on social networking sites like TikTok and Twitter within minutes, nowadays.

Hence, one of the most recent twitter hashtags to go viral is #FindSai. The first tweet was supposed to be made on February 17 and at the end of two days, there were over a million tweets supporting the hashtag. Know more about it here. 

What Is ‘Find Sai’ Aka #FindSai Twitter Trend?

The ‘Find Sai’ AKA #FindSai Twitter trend is about an allegedly missing person.

It is about the black American girl, Sai Land who allegedly went missing from Cincinnati, Ohio. Hence, the trend is more about a quest to find her. 

So, there have been over 1.2 million tweets in her name until now. A Twitter account, @seasonedburbery has shared a Go Fund Me page to gather funds to help Sai. As of now, more than $45,000 has been accumulated. 

Is Sai Land A Trans Woman?

The missing person allegedly is claimed to be a black trans woman.

She uploaded a video on her Instagram story mentioning that she was in danger. As per her video, she was kidnapped by a Latino male. 

The video went viral in no time. And everyone on social media started sharing the video trying to help her through donations. 

Is the missing of Sai Land a hoax?

A few of the victim’s friends have claimed the whole stunt to be a hoax. After all, it did gather around $45,000 worth of money.

But no one knows the truth as social media is split into two different conclusions over the topic. 

Sai Land, who initially went missing from Cleveland, Ohio, has been found again. She uploaded another Instagram story thanking everyone and confirming that she is safe. 

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