Is Scott Dewar Related To Brittany Higgins? Scott Dewar Wife and Family Wikipedia

How Is Scott Dewar Related To Brittany Higgins? Scott Dewar Wife and Family Wikipedia

How Is Scott Dewar Related To Brittany Higgins? Scott Dewar Wife and Family Wikipedia

Is Scott Dewar related to Brittany Higgins? The relationship between the two is only limited to professional affairs.

In Feb 2021, Higgins shocked the whole of Australia after she revealed that she was raped in the Parliament House. The event sparked a whole debate on women’s rights in the country. 

One name that appeared in the case was Scott Dewar. He was working in the same parliament when the alleged incident took place. 

No, Scott Dewar is not related to Brittany Higgins biologically. Nevertheless, it alleged that Scott Dewar is remotely related to the Brittany Higgins rape case. 

Dewar was first linked to the case when an Australian journalist Dr. Martini mentioned his name. Apparently, he worked under Linda Reynold – which is the same office where Higgins was allegedly sexually assaulted in 2019. 

Linda’s office, including Scott Dewar, faced heavy criticism for not taking any actions on Higgins’s allegations. Similarly, netizens even demanded Dewar to be questioned in relation to the case.

Some people had initially suspected that Dewar could be the alleged man. However, the rumors have been debunked now.

Another 26-year-old man is scheduled to appear in court in charge of sexual assault against Brittany. 

Scott Dewar Wife and Family

Scott Dewar and his wife have three children.

However, Dewar has an extremely private life. He is virtually absent from social media and the public eye. Moreover, after being linked with the Brittany Higgins case, he further prefers to hide his personal affairs. 

Scott Dewar and his family currently live in Canberra. 

He was appointed as the director of the Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation in Sept 2018. Prior to that, he served as the Deputy Secretary of Strategic Policy and Intelligence.

Dewar has years of overseas experience. He can reportedly speak Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin. 

Explore Scott Dewar on Wikipedia

Scott Dewar is not subject to the Wikipedia feature yet. 

Nevertheless, Scott is a pretty well-known name in Australia. He is heavily involved in the crucial role of managing Australia’s international defense relationships.

The expert has over two decades of professional experience. He has also worked in Australian embassies based in Korea and China.

He attended the University of Melbourne to pursue a Bachelor of Arts with honors. Furthermore, Dewar also holds a master’s degree in foreign trade and affairs from Monash University.

Dewar is staying away from the public limelight these days. It is alleged that Ms. Reynolds and other office staff members manipulated Higgins to drop the case.

However, there is still no proof that Scott was involved in all these matters. The prime suspect of the case will appear in Canberra court on Sept. 16, 2021. 

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