Is She Deaf? Instagram Bio

Who Is Kemah Bob? Comedian Wikipedia And Age

Who Is Kemah Bob? Comedian Wikipedia And Age

Kemah Bob is a rising comedian who has a great future ahead of her. Please read below to find more about her.

Kemah Bob is also a writer, producer, improviser, presenter, and drag king. A big fan of Beyoncé, she wishes to share the same stage as her. She is also the host of a radio show called UNSTABLE On Transmission Roundhouse, which is focused on mental health and adulthood.

Meet Comedian Kemah Bob

Kemah Bob is widely recognized as a stand-up comedian who has been hosting various shows around the United States.

Currently, she runs The FOC IT UP Comedy Club, which is focused on a monthly showcase of Femmes of Colour in comedy. She uses comedy as a tool for enlightenment and shares important messages related to mental health, Black cultural identity, sexuality, and gender.

Is She On Wikipedia?

We can’t find Kemah Bob on Wikipedia at the moment.

However, you can find everything about her on her official website. Apart from comedy, Bob is a media commentator and has worked for The Guardian, The i Newspaper, Stylist Live, and many more outlets and panels.

Kemah Bob Age: How Old Is She?

Kemah Bob current age is 26 years old.

Reportedly, she was born on March 20, 1995. She is a prodigy who can bring various changes to the comedy industry and society as a whole.

Is She Deaf?

Kemah Bob is not deaf as she can be seen easily communicating with the people around her.

So, we should immediately stop the rumors about her being deaf. However, she has been raising voices for the rights of differently-abled people throughout her career.

Meet Her On Instagram

With approximately 11.6 thousand followers, Kemah Bob is active on Instagram as @kemahbob.

Apart from that, we can find her on Twitter too. Under the username of @kemahbob, she has gained approximately 2.3 thousand followers.

Her Bio Unveiled

As per Kemah Bob’s bio, she is from Houston, Texas, USA.

Thus, we can confirm her nationality to be American. Currently, she resides in London, Texas.

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