Is She Found Or Still Missing?

Mikelle Biggs Wikipedia: What Happened To Her? Case Update

Mikelle Biggs Wikipedia: What Happened To Her? Case Update

Mikelle Biggs’s Wikipedia bio still concerns many as she is not found after over 22 years. Let’s learn more.

Mikelle Biggs is a girl who went missing in 1999. Her missing case is still unsolved after more than two decades.

Mikelle Biggs Wikipedia

Mikelle Biggs’s Wikipedia bio is not featured yet.

Biggs disappeared from nearby her home in January 1999. The little girl was only 11 years old then.

Biggs was waiting for an ice-cream truck to arrive at the moment of her disappearance. Mikelle was gone forever in minutes. Her sister barely had her eyes off Mikelle as she had gone inside her home for a brief time.

Mikelle was a member of the student council at her school. She studied in sixth grade at the time. In fact, she was heavily interested in arts. She involved herself in drawing for hours. Besides, her parents say she dreamed of being an animator at Disney in her future.

Is Mikelle Biggs Found Or Still Missing?

Mikelle Biggs has not been found for more than a couple of decades.

The people of Arizona have never forgotten her name and the case. Her case had earned massive attention at the time from the whole nation. However, it remains unsolved still today.

Interestingly, the Mesa Police Department found a dollar bill in Wisconsin with her name on it. The note on the bill read “My name is Mikel Biggs kidnapped From Mesa AZ I’m Alive.” However, Mikelle’s family said it to be a joke as Mikelle never misspelled her name.

Besides, a suspect believed by Mikelle’s father to have killed her. He was their neighbor who was also convicted before for sex offenses. However, there is no update about it as of now.

Mikelle Biggs Age

Mikelle Biggs’s age could be 33 years old if she was ever found.

She disappeared at the age of nine. However, their parents believed their girl was dead years after her disappearance. In fact, they reportedly had a funeral for her five years later she went missing.

Where is Mikelle Biggs Family now?

Mikelle’s family included her parents and younger sister.

She was born to Darien, her father, and Tracy, her mother. Her parents divorced years after her disappearance.

Also, Mikelle’s sister Kimber was two years younger than her. Kimber regrets leaving her sister alone on the day until now.

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