Is She Still Dating Boyfriend Rhenzy Feliz?

Isabella Gomez Is Neither Gay Nor Lesbian: Is She Still Dating Boyfriend Rhenzy Feliz?

Isabella Gomez Is Neither Gay Nor Lesbian: Is She Still Dating Boyfriend Rhenzy Feliz?

Is Isabella Gomez Gay? Well, she is neither gay nor lesbian. She dated Rhenzy Feliz for a year and a half during 2018, but as of 2020, Isabella Gomez is currently single.

 It has been an adventurous journey for Gomez to be in the position of a Netflix star after years of struggles as an actress. She had minor roles in Matador and Modern Family. Having worked on these Television shows, she has been appreciated for her work.

However, I have to say, there has always been a focus on her relationship details whenever people are discussing Gomez on the internet. She certainly is very beautiful which is why it’s perspicuous to me why people want to know about her love life so badly.

Name Isabella Gomez
Birthday February 9, 1998
Age 22
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 3 inches
Profession Actress
Parents Sergio Gomez and Eliana Mejia Velásquez
Married/Single Single
Instagram isabella.gomez

Isabella Gomez Sexuality: Is She Gay Or Lesbian?

People have been gushing about Isabella’s sexuality. And I do know that it’s very intrusive of me to write about this and the idea of people making a big deal about someone’s sexuality is an egregious concept. 

Gomez has never come out publicly as some actors tend to do. She has also shared some saucy pictures of herself with a female friend on her Instagram. Maybe that’s why people are making a big fuss about her sexuality and whether she is a lesbian or not.

in this picture that she shared, someone has commented, “Are you guys dating?” Isabella has always denied claims that she’s dating women.

Women who like other women physically, sexually are called lesbians. However, sometimes “gay” is also used to describe women who find other women attractive. That’s why it’s safe to say Isabella is neither lesbian nor gay.

That is all the information she has given to us. I think it’s perfectly okay for her to be secretive about her relationship. Even if she is a lesbian, there must be no pressure for her to come out because we never expect straight celebrities t come out as heterosexuals.

Is She Still Dating Boyfriend Rhenzy Feliz?

Isabella Gomez is in show business and that means there are lots of exciting people she could meet.  According to her Wikipedia page, she dated Rhenzy Feliz for a year and a half. The pair were very cute and had a blast. 

We don’t know why but they broke up after a year and a half. It’s not something we should be asking either because it would be very disconcerting if someone started asking details about your private life to you, wouldn’t it?

I can certainly see why Gomez liked Feliz so much. He really is a beautiful man.

Who Is Isabella Gomez’s New Boyfriend 2020?

Isabella Gomez is killing it right now. She is a star of a Netflix show and has been getting a lot of attention for her acting. Things are moving nicely as she is being interviewed by ET channel. Look at this Youtube video if you don’t know what I am talking about.

According to a source on the internet, Gomez is currently single. She doesn’t have a romantic interest as of this moment. She’s just having fun and living life.

It’s exactly because of her singlehood people have been guessing that she’s lesbian. That’s not very smart thinking there because there could be whole lots of other things that could factor somebody’s relationship status. 

If anyone has her heart, her cat would be the answer I would give.

Just look at how peaceful she is with her kitty cat. That’s the level of peace I want to reach someday. 

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