Is Simone Susinna Gay? Meet His Partner On Instagram

Is Simone Susinna Gay? Find About His Partner

Is Simone Susinna Gay? Find About His Partner

Simone Susinna has been mixed into the gay rumors. He was seen Michele Morrone posting a shirtless selfie.

Simone Susinna is an Italian model. With piercing blue eyes and contagious smile caught the eye of model scouts in Sicily, where Susinna was born and raised.

Simone Susinna is getting limelight after, he and ‘365 Days’ star Michele Morrone posted a shirtless selfie on the first day of pride month.

Is Simone Susinna Gay?

Simone Susinna might be gay. Despite all the rumors. He is yet to come out. 

Italian prominent model Simone Susinna had fans on social media going frenzy about his sexuality, all thanks to his recent Instagram post.


On his Instagram posts, he captioned – “I’m a liar” tagging Michele Morrone on it. The model was seen shirtless with Morrone putting an arm across him.

Most interestingly, Susinna has posted his partner’s picture on the occasion of Pride Day. Therefore, his Instagram post left his fans wondering if the model was coming out on the occasion of Pride Month.

Well, some fans admitted that they were amazed by these gay rumors, while others called it a ‘pride month miracle.’

While some fans are also rooting for the rad pair, there were some others who have speculated that Susinna could be the new cast member of the ‘365 Days’ sequel.

Meet His Partner On Instagram

Simone Susinna partner can be found on Instagram.

He and his new partner Michele Morrone has just posted the same picture with the same caption on it. 

The Instagram handle of Simone Susinna is under the username @susinnasimone. He has a blue tick on his Instagram account.

On his Instagram, he has already amassed 351K followers. The hot model also has 366 posts and 512 followings so far.

Moreover, his partner Morrone is also active on Instagram with immense fan followers.

His partner has hoarded more than 12.2M followers under the username @iammichelemorroneofficial. 

Also, Morrone has 575 posts and 145 followings on his Instagram.

Are Michele Morrone And Simone Susinna Dating?

Michele Morrone and Simone Susinna might be dating.

After coming out as pair through their Instagram on the occasion of Pride Month, we can clearly figure out that Michele Morrone and Simone Susinna seem to be dating.

Twitter warriors are going crazy about their relationship speculation. The shirtless selfie with Michele Morrone leaves fans confused and shocked at the same time.

“Wait is Michele Morrone gay???!!! you’ve got to be kidding me!!!”, tweeted a girl.

“Michele Morrone I know this is the first day of pride month but do you got something to tell us?” another said on Twitter.


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