Is Smokey Nagata Still Alive? Age Wikipedia And Net Worth

Where is Is Smokey Nagata Now? Meet Him On Instagram

Where is Is Smokey Nagata Now? Meet Him On Instagram

Is Smokey Nagata Still alive? Yes, the 57 years old age driver still shares his passion for automobiles. 

Smokey Nagata aka Kazuhiko Nagata is one of the top car engineers in Japan. He is the founder and CEO of Top Secret Co., Ltd. Furthermore, he is popular for his extremely high-speed cars with professional Drifting and Circuit.  

Is Smokey Nagata Still Alive? His Update in 2021

Smokey Nagata is still alive as of now.

Nagata is an automotive engineer and car enthusiast. He is the founder of Japanese automobile parts manufacturer, Top Secret Co., Ltd. 

In 1999, Smokey made headlines for being arrested in the UK. He allegedly drove an MK4 Toyota Supradrove with a speed of 197 mph in the wetland of England.

Eventually, the police jailed him for a day with a £190 fine. Similarly, they also forced him out of the country and banned him from driving in the country for 28 days.

As of 2021, Smokey Nagata lives in Japan now. He is still involved in Top Secret with his love for fast cars. 

Explore Smokey Nagata’s Age and Wikipedia

Smokey Nagata is the age of 57 years old.

The driver is a native of northernmost Hokkaido, Japan. As a child, Nagata grew up on his parents’ farm. However, he later discovered his passion for automobiles and found himself a job as a mechanic at a local Toyota dealership. 

Smokey Nagata doesn’t have Wikipedia yet.

But, Smokey Nagata does an Instagram bio with 118k followers. You can discover him on the platform as @smoky.nagata. Moreover, there is numerous discussion about Smokey Nagata on Reddit frequently. 

How Much Net Worth Does He Own?

Smokey Nagata generates good net worth- but, it is still under review.

His company makes some of the high-end car parts. Likewise, it also sponsors various drivers across car races. In 2004, Ryuji Miki won the 2004 Japanese D1GP race as a Top Secret representative.  

It is not surprising that Smokey Nagata owns a huge car collection. He is also working to build some of the fastest cars in the industry.

On the other hand, it is reported that the engineer has some hearing problems due to constant proximity with loud cars.  

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