Is Sydney McLaughlin Gay? A Look Into Her Boyfriend Or Husband

Olympics: Sydney McLaughlin Sexuality Details To Know, Is She Gay?

Olympics: Sydney McLaughlin Sexuality Details To Know, Is She Gay?

Is Sydney McLaughlin gay? Her boyfriend, Andre Levrone, proves the rumors wrong. 

One more gold medal has been added to the Team USA’s Olympic chart. Recently, Syndey McLaughlin ran her way to the finish line in the Women’s 400m hurdles race. 

Furthermore, she also made a new world record of 51.46 seconds. She broke her own previous world record of 51.9 seconds in the trails. 

Is Sydney McLaughlin Gay? Her Wife and Girlfriend Rumour

No, Syndey McLaughlin is not gay.

At least 22 LBGTQ+ members represented the United States in the Tokyo Olympics. The notable athletes include Sue Bird, Megan Rapinoe, Erica Bougard, and many more. 

Likewise, there were queries if hurdler and sprinter Sydney McLaughlin’s sexuality is also lesbian or bi. However, the rumors are entirely false.

Neither does Syndey McLaughlin has a girlfriend nor a wife.

Back in 2018, people had online discussions as someone mentioned Syndey gives them “lesbian vibes.” However, the hoax was soon debunked.

Just because someone is more tomboyish doesn’t mean she has to be in the LBGTQ+ spectrum. 

A Look Into Sydney McLaughlin’s Boyfriend Or Husband

Syndey McLaughlin is actually taken by her boyfriend, Andre Levrone.

The gold medalist became public about her relationship with Levrone via the latter’s Instagram on December 27, 2020. He posted a cute selfie captioned “Heaven sent ❤️.”

On April 14, 2021, even Andre made a debut on Syndey’s IG. She uploaded a sunkissed couple photo captioned with “… but when he loves me 🤍”.

Similar to Syndey, 26 years old Andre is also an athlete. He is a football player and former number 16 wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers. 

Prior to the panthers, the 6 feet 2 inches giant also played for Baltimore Ravens and Virginia Cavaliers football. 

Syndey McLaughlin Inherites Running Genes From Her Parents 

Syndey McLaughlin comes from a family of athletes.

Both Syndey McLaughlin parents are former track stars. Her father, Willie McLaughlin, competed in the 400-m semifinals at the 1984 Olympic trials. Likewise, her mother, Mary, ran in her high school.

So, it was pretty evident that Syndey and her siblings (Taylor and Morgan) were going to follow the same path. In fact, the oldest brother, Taylor, won silver in the 2016 IAAF World U20 Championships.

The whole family cheered as Syndey won gold in the Olympics 2020. Though they weren’t allowed to travel due to the COVID-19 restriction, they were thrilled to see her finish first.

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