Is Tamina Related To Nia Jax? 2019

Tamina Snuka Family Husband: Who Is She Married To?

Tamina Snuka Family Husband: Who Is She Married To?

Tamina Snuka is an American wrestler signed to WWE under the SmackDown brand. Although she comes from a family of wrestlers, she wasn’t into wrestling till she was 30.

Known popularly by her stage name ‘Tamina’, her real name is often not known by her fans. Her real name is Sarona Moana-Marie Reiher Snuka-Polamalu. 

Tamina Snuka Husband and Children

Tamina Snuka’s ex-husband is Brandon Polamalu

It was years before she got into wrestling when she had gotten married in 1995. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last long and they got divorced in 2003 for reasons that are yet to be disclosed.

During her marriage with Brandon, Tamina Snuka had 2 children. The names of her daughters are Male’Ata and Milaneta, who are already old enough now. 

Pictures of her daughters can be seen on the highlights of her Instagram

Tamina Snuka Family

Tamina Snuka comes from a family of professional wrestlers: the Anoa’i family. 

The names of her parents are Sharon Georgi and Jimmy Snuka, a fellow professional wrestler. Her father married into the Anoa’i family back in 1964 when he married Sharon.

Her distant relatives include famous wrestlers like Rosey, Rikishi, Yokozuna, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), and many more. 

Is Tamina Snuka related to Nia Jax?

Tamina Snuka is related to Nia Jax who is also a part of the Anoa’i family. 

She is a distant relative of Savelina Fanene, better known as Nia Jax. Nia Jax is the cousin of The Rock.

Meet Tamina Snuka on Instagram

The wrestler is active on Instagram and Twitter. Tamina Snuka’s Instagram @saronasnukawwe is already verified and has over 619k people following her account.

Posts in her account are both personal as well as professional. 

Likewise, she is also available and active on Twitter. Her account @TaminaSnuka is also already verified with more than 538.6k followers.

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