Is Taylor Caniff Gay Or Bisexual? Homophobic Comments Explained

Is Taylor Caniff Gay Or Bisexual? Homophobic Comments Explained

Is Taylor Caniff Gay Or Bisexual? Homophobic Comments Explained

Is Taylor Caniff Gay Or Bisexual? He is not gay or bisexual. But lately he has been dwelling in a marsh of transphobic drama. Lets find what happened.

Taylor is an American internet personality who is active on Instagram and YouTube as well as Twitter.

He is recognized for his reaction videos and other entertainment content on YouTube.

Is Taylor Caniff Gay Or Bisexual?

Taylor Caniff is neither gay nor bisexual.

But his sexuality has come on the frontline rumors since he tangled up on Twitter thread with Nikita Dragun.

Nikita called him a bisexual in one of her replies to Taylor’s tweet.

Later, Taylor tweeted that he was not a homophobic personality and his fans know that well. However, one user named Tyler Oakley responded, ‘The way you act in live streams doesn’t prove that you’re not homophobic; it proves that you think being gay is a punchline.’

On June 15, Taylor Canniff’s video swirled on the internet, making the homophobic people dwell in anger.

The footage shows him making transphobic remarks against Nikita Dragun. He shot the video of Dragun leaving the club with two guys, and Taylor can be heard making the hateful slurs.

Caniff said, ‘I tell security guard like Yo bro like it’s none of my business, but like, I just don’t, I just feel like a crazy fact that you guys wouldn’t know like did you guys know that was that’s a dude?’

Taylor further mentioned that they looked at him like he threw a stun grenade in the back of the security lounge. He said, ‘They were like ‘bro, what?, and I was like yeah, that was a dude, and they could not believe it .’

Nikita Dragun came with a video entitled ‘STOP TRANS HATE’ on June 15, 2021, featuring the same footage Taylor posted.

The drama continued back on Twitter.

Nikita openly called out for his words while Taylor said that his ‘Clout-ridden’ friends were in charge of the video leak.

Dragun further called Caniff a bisexual and homophobic as well. Taylor responded what he said was facts. Nikita has not responded since then. The only message she left, at last, was ‘Trans women are women.’

The drama did not take long to initiate a hashtag #Cancel trend against Taylor Caniff on Twitter.

Is He On Onlyfans?

Yes, Taylor Caniff is on Onlyfans.

He has provided a free subscription to all of his followers.

Taylor’s age is currently 25 years old.

He was born on February 3, 1996, in Princeton, Indiana, the United States.

Caniff has made thousands of millions through his social media personality though the exact value is yet unexplored.

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