Is Thomas Randolph A Woman? Everything On Wife And Family

Is Thomas Randolph Still In Jail? Update 2021

Is Thomas Randolph Still In Jail? Update 2021

Thomas Randolph is a man who murdered his sixth wife.

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Thomas Randolph is the subject of the latest NBC docuseries, The Widower. Randolph is the man that married six times and four of his wives died. In 2017, Thomas got convicted of murdering his sixth wife.

Randolph is kept in High Desert Date Prison as he awaits his re-trail. Thomas was said to be controlling, psychologically abusive, and manipulative by one of his ex-wives.

Is Thomas Randolph A Woman?

Thomas Randolph is a man. Randolph was born and raised in Las Vegas. Randolph’s age is around 65 years in 2021. 

The docuseries’ work began 12 years ago, where the producers followed the case immediately after Thomas was arrested. The network revealed that the show is filled with twists and turns. According to Bustle, Randolph is getting a new trial after being on death row for the murder of his wife.

Randolph’s Wife And Family

Thomas Randolph was married six times. Thomas was called “Black Widower” because of the deaths of his four wives. After the death of his sixth wife, Sharon, in 2008, police began suspecting him, reports New York Post.

The details about Thomas’s family are not revealed. Thomas detailed Sharon was killed by a home burglar but investigators did not buy the story. Randolph liquidated Sharon’s $360,000 life insurance policy, which made the suspicions even more. Randolph shares two children with his first wife.

Is Thomas Randolph Still In Jail?

Talking about his update, Thomas Randolph is still in jail and awaiting his re-trial. Randolph. Randolph was convicted of murder two times and sentenced to death. Thomas’s murder convictions were overturned.

The NBC docuseries The Widower’s subject is Randolph’s story. It is a three-part, five hours long series that premiered on February 18, 2019. Dan Slepian, the producer of the show, Dateline is taking the lead in the docuseries. The Widower presents an extraordinary approach to Thomas’s life, the prosecutors, FBI agents, lawyers, and the trial.

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