Is Tommy Ward Still In Jail? Wikipedia, Age And Family

Tommy Ward Wikipedia And Family: Netflix The Innocent Man

Tommy Ward Wikipedia And Family: Netflix The Innocent Man

Tommy Ward is a well-known personality who is known for being Netflix‘s The Innocent Man‘s subject. Although the documentary series focused merely on Ronald Keith Williamson‘s story, it also shows some glimpses of Tommy’s story.

Talking about Ronald, he was convicted of rape and murder which turned out to be absolutely wrong but the man spent almost 11 years in prison for doing nothing.

Name Tommy Ward
Age 56 years
Gender Male
Nationality American
Siblings 7
Education High School Dropout
Twitter @WardInnocentMan
Facebook @tommywardslegalteam

Similarly, the six-part documentary series talks about Tommy’s story of the wrongful conviction of abduction, rape, and murder of a woman from Oklahoma named Donna Denice Haraway. Is Tommy Ward released? On December 19, 2020, the judge announced to release Tommy and his conviction was also vacated. He was convicted back in the year 1985 which means that he served in prison for almost 35 years for doing nothing. 

10 Facts on Tommy Ward:

  1. Tommy Ward is no more in jail now as he was released from Dick Conner Correctional Center, Hominy on December 19, 2020. 
  2. Even though Tommy Ward’s Wikipedia is not written, we hope these 10 facts will clear all your doubts about him.
  3. As per an article from Refinery29, we have found out that Tommy Ward was 54 years old in 2018. This means that he must be 56 years of age as of 2020.
  4. Speaking about Tommy Ward’s family, he was born to an extensive family of eight children. 
  5. Well-known as Netflix‘s The Innocent Man‘s subject, he along with Karl Fontenot were both arrested and given the sentence of life imprisonment. 
  6. Talking about his background, he was born in Ada, Oklahoma, his nationality is definitely American. 
  7. Moreover, we can find him on Twitter (2.3 thousand followers) as well as on Facebook (8.05 thousand followers). 
  8. When Tommy was arrested, he was just 24 years old. 
  9. Back on November 23, 2019, his mother passed away and she was well-known for fighting for her son’s justice. 
  10. Moving on to his education, he was a high school dropout. 

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