Is Zach Braff Gay? Meet His Wife Or Girlfriend Boyfriend

Is Zach Braff Gay? Meet His Wife Or Girlfriend Boyfriend

Is Zach Braff Gay? Meet His Wife Or Girlfriend Boyfriend

Is Zach Braff Gay? There is no evidence that he is gay. See if he has a Wife Or Girlfriend or Boyfriend.

Braff is an American actor and filmmaker. He is known for movies like The Last Kiss (2006), In Dubious Battle (2016), and Chicken Little (2005).

On the other hand, much gossips are surrounding his love life. 

Is Zach Braff Gay? Sexuality and Boyfriend Rumours 

No Zach Braff is not gay.

Back in 2011, someone hacked Braff’s social handle and posted a fake coming out status on his Blog.

However, Zach later took the matter on his Facebook and stated the post was completely false!

Zach’s sexuality is a straight heterosexual male.

Nevertheless, he actively supports the LGBTQA+ community. In 2015, he paired up with actor Donald Faison and offered to make pizzas for gay weddings. 

Though Braff may not have a boyfriend, he continues to help the LGBTQA+ community. 

Meet His Wife Or Girlfriend: Is He Married? 

Zach Braff is dating his girlfriend, Florence Pugh.

Florence is a British actress known for the movie Lady Macbeth (2016). The couple started dating in April 2019. Furthermore, they worked together in the movie “In the Time it Takes to Get There.”

Braff has not made Pugh his wife, as he is not married to date.

Both of them are enjoying a living together relationship in Los Angeles right now. Nevertheless, we may hear about the wedding bells shortly.

Before Florence, Zach has dated actress Mandy Moore (2004) and Taylor Bagley (2009-2014). 

Zach Braff Family Details

Zach Braff family includes his parents Harold Irwin Braff and Anne Brodzinsky.

Harold was a former lawyer and professor at Rutgers Law School. Sadly, he passed away in 2018. Moreover, Anne is a clinical psychologist. 

In addition, his brother Adam and Joshua Braff are also involved in the entertainment industry. Similarly, he has a step-sister named Jessica Kirson. 

Braff does have a Wiki biography. Similarly, you can follow him on Instagram as @zachbraff. He is verified with over 1.4 million followers. 

It is estimated that the actor owns a net worth of $20 million. Besides, he is also involved as a director, producer, and writer. 

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