Isaac Herzog Wife Michal Herzog And Children: Meet His Family

Isaac Herzog Elected As Israel PM, Everything On His Wife And Children

Isaac Herzog Elected As Israel PM, Everything On His Wife And Children

Isaac Herzog mentioned his wife Michal Herzog as he gave his presidential speech. Michal will now support her husband new journey. 

Isaac is all set to ascend Reuven Rivlin as the new president of Israel.

He emerged victorious with 87 electoral votes against 26 votes for Miriam Peretz in the recent election. 

Isaac Herzog Wife Michal Herzog

Isaac Herzog is married to wife Michal Herzog

He is the newly elected president of Israel. A representative of the Jewish Agency for Israel political party will start his role on June 9, 2021. 

During his acceptance speech, the new president-elect got teary-eyed and thanked his wife. In fact, Michal has been supporting her spouse since the beginning of his career. 

After her husband’s appointment to the position, Michal will now serve as the first lady of Israel. She will succeed late Nechama Rivlin, who previously held the same position.

Sadly, Rivlin passed away in 2019 during her tenure in the office. 

Isaac and Michal have been married for a while now. Likewise, Michal is a lawyer by profession.

Do They Have Children Together?

Isaac Herzog has three children with his wife.

All of Isaac’s children are sons. However, their names and identities are hidden for now.

Furthermore, the family currently resides in Herzog’s childhood house in Tel Avi, Israel. 

Born on September 22, 1960, Isaac is the age of 60 years old. He posses degrees from prestigious American universities like Cornell and NYU.

He is a lawyer by career and briefly worked at the Herzog, Fox & Ne’eman. Likewise, he must yield a decent net worth as the new president.

However, his fortune is under review. 

Meet His Family

Isaac Herzog family includes his parents Chaim Herzog and  Aura Ambache.

Herzog already had a strong political background before his entrance.

His father, Chaim, is the former 6th president of Israel. Likewise, his mother is renowned as the founder of Council for a Beautiful Israel. 

His mother is Egyptian, and his father is Irish by heritage.

Thus, Isaac Herzog inherits mixed ethnicity from different Eastern European Jewish nations. 

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