Ishowspeed Death Hoax – Did Ishowspeed Die or Is He Alive?

Who Is Ishowspeed And His Death Hoax Explained – What Happened?

Who Is Ishowspeed And His Death Hoax Explained – What Happened?

Ishowspeed death is just a hoax with no real truth. We can confirm that he is alive and did not die. 

Youtuber and streamer, Ishowspeed, first started to gain massive followers in 2021. Within a month, he reached 1 million subscribers.

However, he is going through many online attacks these days. People are even claiming that he is dead, which is obviously false. 

Ishowspeed Death Hoax – Did Ishowspeed Die or Is He Alive?

Ishowspeed aka real name Darren Watkins death hoax holds no truth.

Lately, the death news of popular Youtuber Ishowspeed is getting viral on the internet. However, the gossips have been debunked. 

As a fact, Ishowspeed did not die and is definitely alive.

A website named Channel46news recently posted an article titled “IShowSpeed dead by gunshot wound”. It claims that the streamer was shot around 2 AM at a gas station.

However, when you read the whole article, you realize that it is just a prank. The website is actually dedicated to creating pranks.

What happened to Ishowspeed – Was He Shot on Stream?

Ishowspeed is making headlines for getting booted the fifth time.

Booting is a common term used by the gaming community when hackers attack your internet connection and kick you off from your own game. This happens when someone is able to track your IP address.

The streamer expressed his frustration and posted a series of videos on his youtube channel. He also mentioned that despite using a new router, VPN and other methods, he was still getting booted. 

On the same day, a youtube channel named Physics posted a video titled “Ishowspeed dies on stream gets shot!”. However, the video is just a clickbait and complications of Ishowspeed streams.

So, the answer is Ishowspeed was not shot on stream either.

Ishowspeed Age: How Old Is He?

Ishowspeed is 16 years old in age. He is one of the popular streamers born in the 2000s.

He first rose to fame after his fans starting posting about his memes on Tiktok. Now, he has over 2.26 million subscribers on youtube.

Darren prefers to stream video games like Fortnite and Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 while. Similarly, 171K followers regularly get updated with his twitch streams. 

With his online success, Ishowspeed adds decent net worth to his fortune. However, his actual bank balance is not known.

Watkins is known for his unusual personality as he sometimes shouts and barks in his streams for no apparent reason. But, people speculate that it is just his online persona.

Furthermore, Ishowspeed also has a daughter. But, he has revealed limited details about her. 

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