Ishowspeed Is Not Gay – His Age Real Name And Net Worth

Ishowspeed Gay Rumors Debunked – No, YouTuber Is Not Gay

Ishowspeed Gay Rumors Debunked – No, YouTuber Is Not Gay

People are having doubts about Ishowspeed’s sexuality. Is he gay? No, Ishowspeed is not gay. 

Ishowspeed is a popular webstar. He is a Youtuber and a gamer. He has garnered more than 88.3k devotees on Twitch, where he entertained his fans by sharing gameplay videos like Roblox, Resident Evil 7, Lunch Lady, and many more.

Moreover, he has launched a YouTube channel under the name IShowspeed. It has 1.93 million subscribers so far. Also, he has two YouTube channels titled Speedy Life (90.1k subscribers) and Live Speedy 513 (126k subscribers). 

Nevertheless, he is a young and budding social media personality.

Is Ishowspeed Gay?

Ishowspeed is not gay, and he is straight for sure.

The YouTuber is a private person. He never shares his personal life details with the public.  

Speaking about his career details, Ishowspeed wants to focus on his YouTube channel so that he is planning to drop his high schooling next year.

He believes that high school is draining him while he could make a progress faster if he manages to give full time on Youtube.

Ishowspeed Age And Real Name Disclosed

According to Wiki biography, Ishowspeed’s current age is 16 years as he was welcomed into this world in January 2005. 

Nevertheless, he resides in Ohio with his family. Thus, his nationality is American.

As per our research, Ishowspeed’s real name is Darren Watkins. 

There is a rumor on the web that Ishowspeed has a daughter. While he was live streaming, a voice appears saying good night papa in the middle of the game. 

Describing her relationship status, Ishowspeed was having an affair with a girl. His girlfriend’s identity is unknown now. 

On May 5, 2021, he got emotional. He announced on one of his videos that he and his partner have broken up. 

What Is Ishowspeed Net Worth 2021?

Ishowspeed’s actual net worth is under audit now. His major source of earning is YouTube recordings and Twitch transfer.

As per our records, his earning is estimated to be around $50k. 

As per his latest updated videos on Youtube, Ishowspeed’s phone number and address have been leaked while streaming on Twitch. 

Moving on to his family background, Ishowspeed has kept his parent’s identity private at the moment. The teenage YouTuber Ishowspeed is available on Instagram. He has nearly 282k followers with just 3 posts lately.




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