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Ivan Hall Religion: Everything To Know About ‘Bachelor in Paradise season 7’ Cast

Ivan Hall Religion: Everything To Know About ‘Bachelor in Paradise season 7’ Cast

Ivan Hall does not follow any religion. The reality tv star calls himself to be agonistic. Learn more about him.

Ivan is a reality tv star who had made to final in the ‘Bachelorette Season 16’. Recently, he has been revealed as the cast of the upcoming reality tv show Bachelor in Paradise season 7. 

He had broken up with his partner in Bachelorette Tayshia Adams after reaching the finale. As reported, there were religious and faith issues between them. Ivan prefers to call himself an agonist, while Tayshia was a religious girl and had faith in Christianity. 

Ivan Hall Religion

Ivan Hall has not devoted himself to any religion.

Ivan prefers to call himself an agonist.

As mentioned by him, being atheist and being agonist are two different things. An Atheist does not believe in god or keeps faith in any religion; meanwhile, an agonist does not know God.

He is the one who does not know about God or any religion so far. He mentioned the same thing with his girlfriend too, but that led them to separation.

Ivan Hall Age: How Old Is He?

Ivan Hall’s age is now 26 years old. 

His date of birth and zodiac signs are not known. He has not revealed much of his personal information yet.

Ivan Hall Job

Ivan Hall is a reality tv star.

He was featured in the famous reality tv show Bachelorette’s season 16. There he reached the finale but could not win the show. However, he gained lots of appreciation and fans across the world.

Recently, he is confirmed as a contestant for another upcoming reality show, Bachelor in Paradise season 7. The show is set to be premiered on august 16 on ABC.


Besides that, he is also an aeronautical engineer. He had graduated from Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering with a degree in Industrial Engineer.

Ivan Hall Family

Ivan hails from a biracial family. His father was black, and his mother was a Filipino lady.

He has stated himself to be a middle child. Gabe Hall is his younger brother. Ivan has a verified Instagram account @ivanbhall, where he almost has 153k followers.

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