J Wright Songwriter Net Worth, Age And Girlfriend: Was He Arrested?

J Wright Songwriter Arrested For Murder: Who Is His Girlfriend Wilanna Bibbs?

J Wright Songwriter Arrested For Murder: Who Is His Girlfriend Wilanna Bibbs?

What Is J Wright Net Worth? The songwriter recently received charges for killing his girlfriend. Lets learn more about his case update.

Wright is a multi-platinum songwriter. He was arrested on Monday, May 10, for murder charges.

J Wright Songwriter

J Wright, the songwriter, is the founder of Camp Entertainment Worldwide.

Wright started the company in 2011. In fact, he has worked with several superstars like Future, Timbaland, DJ Khaled, and 21 Savage through the venture.

Furthermore, Wright is a multi-platinum earning songwriter.

Besides, he describes himself as an entrepreneur.

He has also worked as a recording artist too. Furthermore, he represents young artists like Champ1k and Big 2Wo4.

Also, Wright’s Instagram account shows he is the owner of Wright Jewelry. It is a Jewelry and Watches store that also provides services through Instagram. 

J Wright Net Worth

Wright’s net worth is unknown in exact figures.

However, the songwriter claims to the judge that he makes nothing as of now. Also, his belongings were reportedly stolen in November last year.

Furthermore, he says he has been living in hotels since the coronavirus pandemic.

Wright’s cash-only bond was set to be $500 thousand on Monday.

As a matter of fact, Wright even asked the court to appoint an attorney for him as he could not afford one.

J Wright Age: How Old Is He?

Wright’s age has reached 31 years old.

He was born in 1989 and had his birthday on the 6th of October each year. His real name is Justin Lamont Wright by birth. He was born in Atlanta, United States.

Wright belongs to African-American ethnicity. Also, he stands 6 feet and an inch tall.

J Wright Girlfriend Wilanna Bibbs Death: Was He Arrested?

J Wright’s girlfriend was Wilanna Bibbs.

Bibbs was found dead by the Ohio police. They found her body while responding to a disturbance in the home. The police detained and arrested Wright charging him with first-degree murder.

Wilanna was 20 years old at the time of her death. She was originally from Durham, North Carolina. However, it is unknown from when the two were seeing each other.

Bibbs’s family member said that she wanted to get out of the relation. The family member said the relationship was tainted with abuse and toxic behavior. Also, Wright manipulated and controlled his girlfriend.

Wright is in Scotty County Jail. Also, he has a preliminary hearing on May 20.

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