Jack Rooklyn Daughter Family And Children: Where Is He Now?

Jack Rooklyn Family: Know About His Daughter And Children

Jack Rooklyn Family: Know About His Daughter And Children

The ABC documentary has made everyone wonder where are Jack Rooklyn’s family and children? Stay with us to find more!

Jack Rooklyn was a former businessman infamous for his illegal activities in Australia. He is strongly associated with the 1979 Luna Park fire. Now, the new docu-film Exposed: The Ghost Train Fire uncovers it all. 

Jack Rooklyn Family and Children: His Daughter

Jack Rooklyn’s family belongs to Russian heritage. 

Both of Jack’s parents were Tailors from Russia. However, they moved to England later, where young Jack was born. Furthermore, they migrated to Australia in 1911. 

Jack Rooklyn’s daughter exposed him in the documentary.

But, Jack Rooklyn’s other children remain silent. 

Jack’s daughter was supposed to visit Luna Park on the day when the dreadful fire took place. However, Rooklyn strongly prohibited her from visiting the park. In addition, he also signaled a warning that something bad was about to happen at the park.

Where Is Jack Now?

Jack Rooklyn is already dead for now.

Rooklyn was born in 1908 in England. Thus, Jack Rooklyn would have been the age of 113 years old as of 2021. However, Jack’s death was silent and much less highlighted in the media.

Jack left the school when he was just 14 years old. During the 1930s, he became a well-known poker machine entrepreneur in Queensland. Likewise, he was also involved with the international yachting and spinnakers business.

His Involvement in The 1979 Luna Park Fire

In 1979, the Ghost train at Luna Park unknowingly caught fire. Sadly, the accident took the life of 7 people. The Australian police confirmed that the fire occurred due to an electrical fault. However, the police were allegedly bribed by Jack Rooklyn.

Apparently, Jack was involved with USA Mafia. He was helping the main suspect of the Luna Fire, Abe Saffron, to cover his bad deeds. On the other hand, Rooklyn’s daughter was also friends with one of the male victims who lost his life to fire. 

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