Jackass: Sean McInerney Age Wikipedia

What Happened To Sean McInerney From Jackass? Shark Bite Update

What Happened To Sean McInerney From Jackass? Shark Bite Update

Sean McInerney is an actor and surfer of age about 40 years old. Recently a week ago, a shark bites his hand on the set of the Jackass’ Shark Week special. 

Sean McInerney, also known as Poopies, is an actor, a surfer, and a Youtuber. He is well known for the series, Who is J.O.B? Currently, we can see him getting busy on the upcoming documentary Jackass 4. 

Jackass 4 is being filmed right now. During the stunt for the Jackass’ Shark Week, Sean had fallen off his waterboard, and few sharks had attacked him. Although his life was saved, his hand got brutally injured by shark bites. 

Who is Sean McInerney? His Wikipedia

Sean McInerney, known as Poopies, is an actor and surfer. Moreover, he is a Youtuber. 

Sean is not found on Wikipedia. However, he is reachable via various websites and news channels available on the internet.

He has a YouTube channel named The Poopies Chanel, where he has about 50,000 subscribers. He usually marked videos on his underwater experience. 

Furthermore, he appeared on the popular tv series, Who is J.O.B? and now is all set to b appeared on Jackass 4. Sean is a professional surfer. Also, he has mentioned him to have a degree in sharks. 

Sean McInerney Age

Sean McInerney’s age seems to be in his 40s. 

He has not revealed much of his personal information to the media. However, looking at him, it can be assumed that he is in his early 40s. 

What Happened to Sean McInerney? Shark Bites Update

Sean McInerney got injured on his stunt for Jackass’ Shark Week. He fell into the water when he was performing the stunt.

At that time, many sharks had attacked him, which caused a serious injury to his hand. As mentioned in The Sun, he was immediately saved by the cast members. 

Although his life was saved, he got brutally injured. He also mentioned he was unable to move his hand. 

Now, his hand is still in the bandage, but he is well recovered. He also shared his pictures after the recovery. 

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