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Jacksepticeye is a popular YouTube video creator and gamer who has one of the biggest gaming channels on YouTube. His boyish charm, funny Irish voice, and entertaining channel. Jacksepeiceye has been viewed billions of times on Youtube and is a legitimate star at this point.

Jacksepticeye Age: How Old Is He In 2020?

Jacksepticeye was born on 7th February 1990. He is 30 years old as of 2020 according to his Wikipedia page. He started his Youtube career in 2007 but started uploading videos on a regular basis only in 2012.

Who Is Jacksepticeye Girlfriend and Future Wife GirlGamerGab?

Jacksepticeye is in love with his girlfriend “@GirlGamerGab”. He said she was the sweetest thing that happened to her. She is also a gamer and social media personality. They both look very cute together.

Is Jacksepticeye in a relationship 2020?

Yes, Jacksepticeye is in a relationship with Gab Smolders aks GirlGamerGab. He occasionally mentions how happy he is with his girlfriend. They are just dream come true!!

Who is Jacksepticeye married to?

Jacksepticeye is not married to anyone yet. He called quits with her then-girlfriend Wiishu after 3 years of relationship. Fans thought they were going to marry but they split. So, we have to say Sean isn’t married as of 2020. 

Is Jacksepticeye OK for kids?

I think Jacksepticeye is “OK” for kids. His fans are largely young kids and he is a wonderful role model for them. He is always fun and never uses profane words on his videos. Occasionally, he could be cheeky but it’s never in the way that could be deemed inappropriate for kids.

What religion is Jacksepticeye? 

According to sources on the internet, Jacksepticeye is a Roman Catholic. He is an Irishman and Irish people are pretty religious. He doesn’t center his videos around his faith but his family follows it.

Which Eye Color Does Jacksepticeye have?

Jacksepticeye has blue colored eyes. He is an Irish born gentleman and it’s not an uncommon eye color at that part of the world.

His eyes are pretty normal looking and fun fact- he was given a nickname “JackSepticeye” after being in an accident and injuring his eye. That’s when he became Jack “Septic” eye. I bet you didn’t know that!

Who are Jacksepticeye Parents – Father And Mother?

JackSepticeye’s mother is Florie McLoughlin. We don’t know his father’s name but they were good parents to Sean and his siblings. Sean grew up in Ballycumber, County Offaly with his parents and 4 other siblings.

How Much Is Jacksepticeye Net Worth In 2020?

Jacksepticeye has done pretty well for himself as he has a net worth of $16 million. To be able to garner that much wealth playing games on the computer is a dream come true to many people and he completely deserves it. He also has brand endorsements and merchandise which makes him a lot of money.

What Is Jacksepticeye Real Name?

Jacksepticeye was born as Sean William McLoughlin. That’s how Irish names go- long and interesting. He was known as Sean all his life but it would forever change when he hurt his eye after an accident in a football field.

How Much Is Jacksepticeye’s Salary?

Jacksepticeye makes a monthly salary of around $300,000. That is a round figure and sometimes that number fluctuates because, in the end, he is a freelancer. Brand deals and merch sales also fluctuate but he makes about $300,000 to $500,000 monthly.

Does Jacksepticeye Have His Own Merch? 

Yes, Jackseptic has his own merch and it’s a huge thing for him. He has Tshirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and accessories available at his official site as well as Amazon. He also has joggers, caps socks. Let’s just say he has almost everything a man could ask for.

How Much Does Jacksepticeye Make A Year?

The number really fluctuates. But, Jacksepticeye makes a sum of about $3.6 million in a year. However, he doesn’t show his lavish lifestyle, cars, and mansions on Instagram.

Is Jacksepticeye Active On TikTok?

There are some fake TikTok accounts under the name “Jacksepticeye”. However, Sean had to clarify that when someone asked if he had a TikTok.

Well, the man himself has said it.

How Tall is Jacksepticeye Height?

Jacksepticeye stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches. He is pretty skinny and doesn’t have a big muscular body. He is very charismatic in his pictures on the internet though.

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