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Jackson Theron

Jackson Theron

Jackson Theron is the daughter of a famous SouthAfrican and American actress and producer Charlize Theron as Jackson was a transgender child from the very early age. Charlie is one of the most talented and most versatile at the same time very beautiful actress who has been inspirational for the movie industry newcomers and new actress in the industry.

Jackson Theron was being raised and adopted by her mother Charlize as a boy as she herself introducer her as a boy but later they came to know she was a girl and there were miscommunication and misunderstanding between them recognizing her before as they said she was a boy but she was a girl child.

Name Jackson Theron
Birthday November, 2011
Age 8
Gender Male
Height 4 feet 1 inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Parents Charlize Theron
Siblings August Theron
Net Worth $160million
Married/Single single
Instagram charlizeafrica
Twitter @CharlizeAfrica

10 Facts about Jackson Theron:

  1. Jackson Theron was born in November 2011 as her exact date of birth is still unknown as they haven’t revealed it yet.
  2. Jackson is just 8 years old girl but when Charlize adopted her she thought he was a boy and introduced her to her fans a boy child but later came it know that she was a girl.
  3. She is the daughter of a famous actress Charlize but she doesn’t have her own wiki page as Charlize hasn’t revealed any information regarding her adopted daughter as she doesn’t want to reveal it to the world as she is very secretive about it.
  4. Her height is approximately 4 feet and 1 inch tall as there is no proper information regarding it as it is only seen in photos of Charlize and her together.
  5. Jackson was adopted by Charlize in 2012 and she revealed it to the world in March.
  6. Jackson has no father recently as Charlize is not dating anyone as her marriage changed into divorce in 2010 and since then she has been in a relationship with many men but none of them lasted very long.
  7. Jackson was a transgender child from a very young age and it was revealed in 2019 by her mother.
  8. She doesn’t have any kind of social media platform as she is very young.
  9. She has a sister named August who was also adopted by her mother Charlize in 2015.
  10. Her mother’s net worth is around $160 million.

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